Best Nail Polish For Short Nails

I've been going back and forth a troubling amount lately with how long I can get my nails before chopping them to bits.

It will start off fine enough with my nails looking all hand-model-y and then I'll break one as I viciously type my way through watching Bachelor In Paradise and need to hack them all till they match. It's annoying stuff.

But seeing as my nails are in the shorter range, as it were, it is now the perfect time to tell you about the best polish for short nails.

This, my friends, is the Pacifica polish in Dream Catcher and holy moly did you catch that super extra subtle pink shift in the polish? Oooph. It's a doosie.

Anyway, this polish sits firmly in the medium to darker nude category so on my pasty paws it actually reads as a color. It's a bit brown, you could say tan, but it has that beautiful pink in it that I would call a duo-chrome but it is really probably too subtle for that.

The Pacifica nail polishes are seven free, 100% vegan, and cruelty free which actually is down right impressive, way to go Pacifica. Wear time is pretty standard with a decent base and top coat you'll get through probably four or five days. I've been wearing this polish every time my nails have been not-so-long and I love the subtle color.

What is your favorite polish for short nails?
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My Skincare Routine

I know you have all just been dying to know every little detail about my skincare routine so I'm finally sharing both morning and night what products do the trick. All of it turned out to be drugstore (besides the moisturizer but let's ignore that) so it's relatively affordable too!

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Three Product Face

Three product makeup Three product face three product face
I've been keeping things very simple lately because it has been so unbelievably hot and I've actually been going outside to play Pokemon, and I'm such a sweaty betty that I just can't be bothered to have my makeup washed off for me, you know?

So to keep things nice and easy I've been doing my three product face. It all boils down to a tinted moisturizer/SPF, mascara, and a bright lip stain.

Tinted moisturizer of choice is, as always the Dr. Jart Waterfuse BB. This is pretty dewy so maybe not the choice for anyone who wants to have the Dita Von Teese ultra-matte look even when it's 100 degrees out. I don't mind the extra stroby look because as I've said I'm well aware that my whole face is going to be sweating anyway, so matte went out the window a long time ago.

Using a tinted moisturizer with SPF built in keeps my skin protected and I've also found that the SPF keeps the product stuck to my face much better than a tinted moisturizer alone, so cudos to the sun protection keeping me cute.

Mascara is an obvious need. I just don't quite like the no-lash-bold-lip-editorial-look so I need a lil somethin' on the lashes to keep things somewhat balanced. Lately I've been loving the extra lengthened look so it's been all about the L'Oreal Illegal Length Mascara. It has these little baby fibers in, which literally bulk up your lashes and the formula isn't too thick so you can keep it low key if you want.

Lips are really what makes this look look like a look, you know? If I went for a MLBB color it would be pretty bland, with a bold lip I look a lot more pulled together. I like going for a lip stain (please re-read the section on sweating) so things are looking pretty much perfect for as long as I can. The Sephora Matte Cream Lip Stains are a winner and for summer I've been loving the #4 strawberry look.

What is your three product face?
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Four Most Used Matte Eyeshadows

Matte Eyeshadows  L-R Row one: *Peach Smoothie, *Friend Zone, Row two: Cocoa Bear, *Tuscan Sun
* Products marked are PR samples
I need to keep sitting on my hands to stop myself from writing something like I'm matte about these eyeshadows. I just. Have to get it out.

Anyway I've been dabbling a lot lately with Makeup Geek eyeshadows and I've come to a point of having four matte favorites because matte is In, and who am I to poopoo a trend?

Almost every day I reach for *Peach Smoothie to add a really light crease transition color. It is just different enough from my skin tone to be, you know, useful, but not so different that it's something you'll notice. Which is exactly what I'm going for, I want it to act as like Santa's Little Helper for my eye makeup. It's there to do the job but it takes the silent satisfaction of a job well done.

For something to add more of a moody depth to the eye I've been going for *Friend Zone. This is a slightly taupe-y gray that works really well to contour the eye. It's a little too serious looking for my average day to day, but when I really want to put on the works - I use this every time. You can over do it with this one because it creates such a realistic shadow that you can end up making your eyes look like you are bugging out - so keep in mind light layers.

Cocoa Bear has always been a favorite, to the point that I'm sure it's kind of annoying to anyone who has listened to or read every little word I've written about it. I use it for a bold brown smoky eye, liner, as a darker crease shade, in my lower lash line. Literally everywhere I can think of this shadow goes. The color is beautiful and makes the green in my eyes really pop so I'm into it I guess you could say.

*Tuscan sun is another favorite that I love for the whole lid. It's a salmony pink that isn't too Barbie if you are worried about that kind of thing. It's more refined and adult-y than that so let's just say it's for Beth, Barbie's older, more responsible sister. This one takes a little work to get the pigment up to what it looks like in the pan which is a pain if you want a bold color but if you just want to sweep something on, it's got chu boo.

What are your favorite matte shadows?
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Top tips for matte lips

I've been stewing on matte lips lately. Gotta love 'em but they can take a little finagling to get them to work and wear right. Lucky for you I put together my top tips for getting matte lips to look great. 

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