Four Most Used Matte Eyeshadows

Matte Eyeshadows  L-R Row one: *Peach Smoothie, *Friend Zone, Row two: Cocoa Bear, *Tuscan Sun
* Products marked are PR samples
I need to keep sitting on my hands to stop myself from writing something like I'm matte about these eyeshadows. I just. Have to get it out.

Anyway I've been dabbling a lot lately with Makeup Geek eyeshadows and I've come to a point of having four matte favorites because matte is In, and who am I to poopoo a trend?

Almost every day I reach for *Peach Smoothie to add a really light crease transition color. It is just different enough from my skin tone to be, you know, useful, but not so different that it's something you'll notice. Which is exactly what I'm going for, I want it to act as like Santa's Little Helper for my eye makeup. It's there to do the job but it takes the silent satisfaction of a job well done.

For something to add more of a moody depth to the eye I've been going for *Friend Zone. This is a slightly taupe-y gray that works really well to contour the eye. It's a little too serious looking for my average day to day, but when I really want to put on the works - I use this every time. You can over do it with this one because it creates such a realistic shadow that you can end up making your eyes look like you are bugging out - so keep in mind light layers.

Cocoa Bear has always been a favorite, to the point that I'm sure it's kind of annoying to anyone who has listened to or read every little word I've written about it. I use it for a bold brown smoky eye, liner, as a darker crease shade, in my lower lash line. Literally everywhere I can think of this shadow goes. The color is beautiful and makes the green in my eyes really pop so I'm into it I guess you could say.

*Tuscan sun is another favorite that I love for the whole lid. It's a salmony pink that isn't too Barbie if you are worried about that kind of thing. It's more refined and adult-y than that so let's just say it's for Beth, Barbie's older, more responsible sister. This one takes a little work to get the pigment up to what it looks like in the pan which is a pain if you want a bold color but if you just want to sweep something on, it's got chu boo.

What are your favorite matte shadows?
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Top tips for matte lips

I've been stewing on matte lips lately. Gotta love 'em but they can take a little finagling to get them to work and wear right. Lucky for you I put together my top tips for getting matte lips to look great. 

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Moisturize Me

Lipbalm * this post contains PR samples
As a tried and true lipstick lover, taking care of my lips is an actual priority in my life. It's something like: shelter, food, internet, lip balms. You know what I mean?

So instead of literally scheduling times to exfoliate and moisturize my lips in my calendar, I've taken to having different lip balms in each room of my apartment and in my purse because options are always a good thing and I've got a billion lip balms anyway.

Being spoiled for choice has made me particular to four different lip lovers so it's about time I told you all about them.

Homeoplasmine is the gold standard in balms. It's like the grandma balm that already knows what's what and doesn't bother with any of the frilly stuff, it just gets the job done. The formula is very thick and not too shiny so I can actually convince my dehydrated boyfriend to use it from time to time. This is a good choice if you A- have access to it in your country (or friends that travel) and B- if you need some serious moisture to be sealed into your lips.

The *Clarins Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm on the other hand is the cool new kid. It is one of those adjusts to your pH level to give you your very own customized lip color things that I'm rarely on board with but this time I love it. The lip balm gives a nice rose color but I'm in it for the mega shine and the moisture. It isn't going to seal things in like Homeoplasmine but it will leave your lips feeling super plump and soft. I usually use this while I'm putting my makeup on, before putting on my lip color of the day.

Nuxe Reve de Miel is a staple in my nighttime skincare routine. I'm seriously still obsessed with it's honey-sugar-old school candy scent that never fails to make me smile. It is another Thick balm (thicker than Homeoplasmine) with a matte-ish texture. I use it after exfoliating my lips at night and every morning I can still feel it on my lips which is a big win in my book.

* Lipstick Queen's Queen Bee Lip Treatment (say that five times fast) is the one I always have with me in my bag. It's the most glamorous of the lot because it's got little bronzy gold flakes throughout the whole bullet. So it adds a nice sheen to the lips and the little gold flecks, which are subtle, but do help to make your lips look extra full. This balm has all kinds of bee sounding things in it (royal jelly, honey, sunflower extract!) which are fun, but actually work really well to keep lips hydrated and soft.

What is your favorite lip balm?
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Light and Glowy All Around

fridayface fridayFOTD Friday Oh friends. I'm bringing back an old favorite feature here on the blog, face of the day fridays. It's all very exciting. So without further ado:

Base: I'm still on the Covergirl Clean Sensitive Foundation routine. I won't blather any more about it, you can read my review here. So besides foundation, for concealer, I've been using the *Stowaway Cosmetics Concealer. This is a fairly thick, creamy concealer that has. Coverage. For. Days. So it is a very welcome addition to my stash.

Eyes: I went for something pretty light on the eyes and absolutely all of it is from the Stila Eyes Are The Window palette in Soul. I slightly deepened the crease with the taupe shade, Heart. The shimmery champagne all over the lid is Kitten and I wet a brush to use Affection to make liner. Mascara is Maybelline Illegal Length which is a major favorite and brows are (of course) Boy Brow.

Cheeks: I warmed up basically my entire face with *Makeup Geek contour powder in Bad Habit and blush was *Makeup Geek Heart Throb.

Lips: With the whole look being very light and airy, I wanted the lips to not rock the boat but have a bit of color so I went for the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in Red Berry.
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Makeup Geek X Kathleen Lights Palette First Impressions

So today I'm bringing to you a very spontaneous first impressions video! This Makeup Geek X Kathleen Lights Highlighter palette is GORGEOUS. I mean. Come on now.

It's all kinds of highlightery goodness so if you want to see it in action watch the video on youtube!
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