Glowing Peach Makeup Tutorial

James And The Giant Peach makeup tutorial is about to get all up in your screen. This look is pretty simple to do but gives such a gorgeous look, especially for summer. I put it together just using Makeup Geek shadows which are obviously amazing, and finished up with Covergirl Foundation and a Maybelline Lipstick. So really,  if you don't count the amazing but pricey Kevyn Aucoin Bronzer it's almost like a budget beauty look.

Let me know what you think and as always, watch on Youtube!
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Glossier Boy Brow

BoyBrowBoy BrowBe glad, my friends, because I restrained myself from naming this blog post "boy oh Boy Brow". Really. Yeah. Saved us all a lot of embarrassment there.

So in most of my lifetime of having larger than average brows I didn't feel much of a need to style them. They mostly kept to themselves, chillin above my eyes and not making much of a fuss unless I needed to pluck or trim them but that's a whole other blog post.

Eventually as I started getting more and more into makeup, I felt the need for my brows to be as polished as my face and I started filling them in with the worst possible products. Urban Decay Darkhorse being one of them. Yeesh. So going through phases of doing the brows, not doing the brows, (and upon looking back) using black eyeshadow, using way too light, too red, too gray it was annoying and exhausting enough to basically call the whole thing a bad job.

That was, oh, I don't know, six months ago? I then had a fling with probably the perfect eyeshadow powder, but it's a bit fussy for my everyday slap.

Enter, Boy Brow.

After much deliberation and a chance at free shipping, I finally ordered the one and only Boy Brow. And in case you are for some reason not in the know about it I'll give a quick run down. This is a tube of lightly tinted brow pomade with a handy dandy mini applicator brush. It comes in just three colors for a grand total of $16 a pop.

I chose to buy Boy Brow in black because the pigmentation is pretty light. I was scared, were I to buy it in brown that it would be too light and noticeable sitting on top of my dark brow hairs. I'm 100% glad that I chose it because it doesn't look too dark at all.

I just swipe it on my brows in the places that need a little filling in, so the very front and the arches through the tails. With the teensy applicator you get a lot of precision and you don't dump a whole lot of product on your face so that is a big win in and of itself. The texture is in between a gel and dense pomade so it has the strength to hold your brows in place but they aren't crunchy or weird feeling which is why I never went for gels or pomades in the past.

This brow product makes for really natural looking brows with just a lil' something to make them look basically perfect on their own.

I'm totally sold on Boy Brow and basically on Glossier in general now. How do you do your brows?

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Spring and Summer Eyeshadow Picks

You know, it's not every day that I get to sit down and rave about eyeshadow. I mean, lipstick, maybe, but eyeshadow? Not so much. I know the sparkly little pans don't get near enough attention around these parts so I put together a whole video of my top 12 eyeshadow colors for spring and summer.

Watch on Youtube
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A Balm for Rosy Noses

Rose Balm Dot Com Not that I've talked about it a lot, but I am a sucker for rose scented ... anything. I've got perfumes, body washes, bath bombs, lotions, even facial sprays; the list goes on and on (and on apparently). 

Besides my high school favorite of the Co. Biglow Rose Salve, I haven't come across a lot (or pretty much any other, ahem) rose scented lip products. It's literally a mix of my two favorite things, so how could it possibly go wrong? 

One very tiny Glossier purchase later and I'm the proud owner of the Rose Balm Dotcom. This came out with their adorable little quadruplet crew of flavored Balm Dotcom(s). 

The scent reminds me a lot of winter for some reason. It's sweet but not sickly, floral (obviously) but not dry or dusty like some old lady rose scents. 
 Smells aside, this is, without a doubt, one of the most comforting and nourishing lip balms I've tried.

Like when people say that they always have a balm dotcom with them, I roll my eyes because that marketing is just so strong. And who really makes a point to take one specific balm with them for any and all occasions? 

So. Coming from someone who was reluctant to try the whole brand in the first place this balm is one of, if not the best, balm or lip treatment that I have in my collection. I keep it in my purse so I can have it with me pretty much at all times because I'm very serious about chapped lips and needing to have a lil som'somthin' on them at all times.

The balm isn't too shiny, it's similar to a petroleum jelly feel but less slippy. 
 It is a measly 15 ml but it is definitely worth it for rosy noses. It rings in at $12 a pop and I can definitely see me picking up another one or two (Cherry! Coconut!) in the future. 

Have you tried the balm dotcom? Any other Glossier faves?
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Lipstick Lookbook Summer 2016

Do you have a minute to spare and want to watch me prance around wearing different lipsticks? Well do I have the video for you!

I love putting together lipstick lookbooks because A- obviously I love lipstick/lip products etc. B- I get to force the BF to follow me around and videotape me lookin all cute, and C- they end up being SO SHORT. No attention span? No problem!

Watch on youtube
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