Autumn / Winter Nail Polish Staples

AWNails Can I just say that I'm bored silly of the traditional Autumn and Winter nail polish colors? Just because the temperature has plummeted, and you can get frost bite from spending too much time outside sans gloves, doesn't mean that we can only wear dark shades of death to match the case of SAD that's going around.

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Tips for Terrible Travelers

Travel essentials Season's greetings fellow wimps. Holiday season is upon us which is great because of family time, relaxation, food (OMG THE FOOD) and travel. Or, ya know, not travel.

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I've Worn This BB Cream Pretty Much Every Day For A Month

Dr Jart Water Fuse BB Cream ... which means it's about time you heard a little something about it.

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Video: Smoked Cranberry Liner for the Holidays

You guys. This is the easiest smoky liner I have ever done! I started with three blending colors, although the last one really wasn't needed, then added in the cranberry pop of color and bing bang boom, done.

I think the mostly matte eye pairs really nicely with a fresh dewy skin and MLBB lipstick, but this would also look awesome with a matte burgundy lipstick too.

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Messy Half Up Top Knot Love

Half top knot
I may be a little late to the party (as always) but I've finally given the half up top knot 'do a go, and its all good things my friends.
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