Post-Party Skincare Routine

So Mardi Gras is coming to a close which is half sad (no more parties/parades) and half great (traffic has been insane, it literally took me an hour and a half to get home from work yesterday). And when a party season comes to a close it is time to assess the damage all that over indulgence has done to your face. Enjoy my post-party skincare routine!

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The Classic Chambray

SkirtMakeupSkirt So remember way back to Monday, when I gave you the high notes of January? I casually mentioned that Dave and I went to the zoo, but I didn't mention that I looked totally cute all day long, and I even got pictures of it. It's like I'm a real blogger or something.

This winter has been downright bonkers weather wise. I'm writing this at eight at night and it's currently 74 degrees out. Just a few days ago the high during the day was in the 50s. It's flipping madness. But on the nice days we get to dress cute so it isn't all bad.

I got this skirt from Asos ages ago and I wear it all the time. It's like old-timey-school-teacher-chic and I love it. The top was thrifted and was actually from the men's section of Old Navy originally, but a few quick zips on the sewing machine makes it fit like it was actually meant for a lady.

There is just something about a chambray shirt that is just so chic while being so comfortable at the same time. It's probably my favorite type of shirt.
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New Years Goals

January Goals

Like I said on Monday, I'm calling January a mulligan, so let's just call it the new year starting now, mmkay? The gyms should have calmed down by now so really, there's no loss on my end. Really though, I'm following in the footsteps of my bestest pal, Erin, in her belated resolutions. But I'm calling them goals, because resolutions are the WORST and I never manage to stick to them.

My overarching goal of 2016 is to take better care of myself.

Cool, Allison, way to have the most generic, overdone goal of all time. This does mean a whole lotta stuff though, so it's not that simple. I've felt like since graduating from college that I've lost all of my mojo. I (still) don't have a clear plan for what I want to do so I've basically been swimming in circles aimlessly for the last year and a half, and feeling on-and-off pretty shitty about it. And let me tell you, feeling shitty about yourself doesn't really lead to you getting anything done or treating your body like you should.

Which leads us to the first step. Get into an exercise and healthy eating routine. Not saying I'm going to join a gym or do hot yoga every day, or eat nothing but kale and quinoa salads, but at least make it part of my weekly routine. Sitting all day and never exercising or eating healthy does nothing for your buns and thighs, man. I'm hoping all those endorphins will help clear up my mind a little bit too.

And speaking of my mind, next step is getting into an employment situation actually uses it. I know, I know. Another millennial complaining about their first job out of college. But regardless, my current day job is pretty brainless and it's not going anywhere. I'm still working out what I actually want to do, but it's time to make a change.

And that is the long and short of it. Do you have any new years goals? Spill.
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Best of January 2016

Palm Well would you look at that. Another month come and gone and all I could talk about was my hair. I'm giving myself a mulligan on January and I'm actually dedicating myself to posting more regularly. But we shall see how long that lasts.

January was pretty great so cue up We Are The Champions and get ready for the highlight reel.


January was pretty low-key makeup wise. Lots of tinted moisturizer and mascara with a variety of lipstick choices. No surprises there. One change that I'm genuinely surprised at is the addition of bronzer to my routine. I've never been the golden goddess - just got back from Bali, thanks - type. But, for some reason, the Sleek face form palette in fair has been calling my name and I've answered the call. Donned with the majorly fluffy Real Techniques Multi Task Brush just to the edges of my face, bronzer has been breathing life into my skin.


We celebrated Dave's birthday in January with a (begrudging on my part) trip to the New Orleans Zoo and an incredible dinner at Oxalis. We ate in the quiet courtyard which gave plenty of privacy for instagramming the whole ordeal but alas, it was way too dark to actually get a good photo of the giant heaping salad and french fries I ordered. My Christmas present from Dave were tickets to see Stuff You Should Know live which was absolutely hilarious, and I seriously recommend for any SYSK fans.

What was the best part of your January?
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New Year New Hair

hair1 Happy New Year Everyone!
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