I've Worn This Lilac Polish For A Month

nail polish

Pardon the alien hand/claw situation, but I couldn't not write a little ditty about this polish.

This is THE polish that basically stole the show in this recent article on xoVain. It's Spitfire by Sinful shine. Zoya Miley, and L'Oreal Lilac Coolers are also pretty similar.

It's a semi-sheer polish so I'm just going to lump it in with the rest of my jelly faves. I don't know why I've been loving jelly polishes so much lately. Something about barely being able to see the whites of the nails through the polish is somehow ... chic? It's like wearing a tinted lip balm on you nails. It's something you can see but it's not like a STATEMENT-statement.

The lilac color is fresh enough for spring and summer without any of that pale, pastel, white-ness that so many lilac polishes have that I just don't like. The wear time isn't incredible with this on it's own, just a few days before it will start to chip. Having a decent base and top coat will help it last a few days longer.

What is your favorite jelly polish? I'm thinking of starting up a collection.
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A Minimal Bathroom Shelfie

There is something quite overlooked of a good bathroom shelf. Sure, I mean, you need to store your extra TP somewhere but, it can be cute too.

I like to keep a big ol' basket filled with clean washcloths so I can always have a fresh one on hand. For my skin, having a fresh washcloth to use with my skin care routine makes the difference between waking up like that coachella flower crown filter skin, or waking up with the face of an actual thirteen year old. The basket was a TJ Maxx cheapie, and my favorite washcloths are The Big One (really) that clock in about a buck a piece.

I also like to keep a giant bottle of La Roche Posay Eau Thermale water spray on hand because I take princess-y two hour baths and I use it to cool off my face. It also works in a pinch to help chill out over-curled hair to break up the style without it looking heavy or adding texture with a salt spray. It also helps when I've forgotten my sunscreen AGAIN and need to cool off my poor parched skin.

The other bits and bobs really help to give the bathroom some life. I have this gorgeous orchid that may or may not have actually died since I've taken this photo. A little tea light candle delightfully green tea scented is a welcome addition to any bathroom.

What are your bathroom shelf must haves?
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Brown Lips Are Perfect For Summer Nights

You know what? This whole brown lip trend is starting to fall off the world wide web's collective radar and I'm just getting into it. You see, I always tried to wear a nude-y peach pale brown shade that never really jived with my whole aesthetic. Or skintone.

Or there is the oh so Kylie pinky mauvey brown that makes me look a wee bit dead. And they are seriously everywhere. So color me surprised that I actually found a different brown and that I actually like it.

Maybe I just like a darker lip at all times but I think I've finally found how to wear a brown lip and have it WORK. The strong brown night time lip, my friends. Mix it up with a super bronzed skin and a subtle eye and you got your summer night out look down pat.

I'm using Maybelline's Untainted Spice. It's from their nudes collection so I'm coloring a little outside the lines on this one but trust me. I started out wearing it very subtle and patting it on as a lip tint, and then I powered it up to full pigment wattage and it really shined.

This is such a gorgeous rosey brown that makes it much more flattering for me than all the super cool toned browns out there. The creamy shine to the finish keeps this from looking too 90's (which honestly isn't even a bad thing anyway) and gives the whole look a fresh feel.

Have you tried a dark brown lip?
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Top Five Favorites of May

Another month has nearly come and gone and I've made twenty four squashed up looking paper swans from my fold-a-day origami calendar. I've only got one makeup to share, two lush favorites, a tank that may just get it's own love song, and I get very excited about my walls.

Watch on youtube.
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Trying Out The Center Part

center part

So in my Middle School yearbook there is this adorable photo of 11 year old me playing the guitar in music class wearing jeans and a tee shirt and a center part on my definitely not brushed hair. I looked like a tiny little hippie which I kind of love now, but once I saw it back then, I decided that it was not cute and I've been a side part-er ever since.

I've never tried the center parting in my adult life until I did this Kimmy Schmidt blush tutorial and I styled my hair like Kimmy for the photos.

And you know what? I kinda like it. I've tried it off and on a few times since and I've found the key for making it look good on me. I just can't do it unless I've curled my hair - straight or tousled hair just looks like 11 year old hippie Allison. But with curled hair I think it can look quite chic.

It may be a bit mundane, parting your hair literally one inch to right of where I normally go, but it totally changes the whole vibe of my hair. It's a little more care-free. A little more cool for summer.

I don't think I'll ever make a permanent change back to a center part, but it's in my hair styling arsenal now.

Have you ever had a hair-parting hangup?
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