Casual Friday #3

Flatlay Skirt I am feeling very French wannabe today.

I love a good neoprene circle skirt and I'm sure you've noticed that I'm OBSESSED with this striped top. The top itself is from Old Navy and is surprisingly amazing quality. It's relatively thick and hasn't stretched, or gotten those weird little fabric pills, and the back has this cool zipper detailing. And it has three quarter length sleeves which is basically my default. It's either no sleeves, three quarter length, or I roll 'em up to three quarter length.

So basically the top is perfect and the skirt is too. I love the juxtaposition of mixing a more casual tee with a neoprene skirt. I'm adding in some ballet flats to really up that whole french wannabe vibe along with a pretty pink lip and some shimmer on the eyes.

That being said! Here's your weekend reading:

I want to make this tray with palms from my backyard.
I've finally been sold on Becca highlighters.
And on a desk chair. Finally. Oh, and makeup storage.
I'm very tempted by this skincare collection but oooph. Monies.
I want to go to there, Tokyo edition.
Wall art inspo left and right.
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Life in NOLA - Tourist Weekend with Erin


Last week the always delightful Erin came on down to visit little ol' me in New Orleans! We did ALL the sight-seeing, food-eating, outlander-watching, window-shopping, and general camaraderie-ing of seeing one of your oldest friends.

It was French Quarter Festival the weekend she was down so we spent a lot of time in the French Quarter exploring, looking into shops, eating, and chatting. Today I'm sharing a mini photo diary of the non-food related activities that we got up to, enjoy!
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Spring / Summer 2016 Shoe Collection

Happy Monday! I had a lot of fun this weekend sorting through my shoe collection, weeding out the pairs that too damaged to make it through this summer and leg-dancing in front of a camera. 

I came out with five pairs of shoes that have me covered for all my foot-covering needs this spring and summer. All of these shoes are comfortable and form to your foot which makes for some happy feet.

Watch on my youtube channel.
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Desk Tour 2016


LOOK! I cleaned my desk for once!

It's all very exciting around these parts. I put together a VERY quick video walking through what I keep on / in my desk but I figured photos may be helpful too.

Mostly because the content of the video is literally 20 seconds long. For real.

You should watch it anyway because the song is quite catchy.

Watch the video on my Youtube channel!

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Casual Friday #2

I'm back at it again praising my love of Casual Friday. Like nothing quite makes the excitement and happiness of a Friday so much better than wearing your cutest outfit, namsayin?

So this week I'll be going for this super simple dress that I thrifted but was originally from Old Navy, I love this dress because it hits mid thigh but the fabric is surprisingly thick so it's pretty warm and totally opaque. I'll top it with a slightly edgier faux leather jacket, black tights if it is cool out, a bright coral scarf to add some interest and probably the last time I'll be wearing these Nine West Booties (similar).

It's getting actually warm out and this is maybe a little overdressed for the weather but my office likes to keep it nice and cold. Like the antarctic, or wherever the snowmiser is from. It really breads a happy, healthy work environment.

I'm accessorizing the outfit with my new Madewell bag, and some light peach and pink makeup/nails. I just love to color coordinate. It's a real thing.

Anyway, if you are procrastinating this Friday or just having a blog perusal here's a few reading assignments.

Look at these coral lipsticks, you won't be disappointed.
I want to go to there --> Spain.
Wendy doing The Lord's work.
Help me pick a color or five of the new ColourPop Ultra Satin Lips
I'm def making this wall art ASAP.
This song has been on repeat all week.
Style goals.
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