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Top Favorite Podcasts To Listen To At Work

Top Favorite Podcasts To Listen To At Work

Or whenever...

18 favorite podcasts to listen to at work

Podcasts are a lifeline to literally anything interesting when you're doing something boring at work. I know as a ~digital creator~ you wouldn't think there is a lot of boring stuff going on but hey, not every job is perfect. Long days editing photos or right now, pulling links for gift guides can be boring as hell and podcasts are my favorite thing to listen to.

When I was working my very boring corporate job I listened to podcasts literally all day long. That is in no way an exaggeration. And I only had like three I listened to at the time! I only managed to get so much listening out of them because I would just go back in the archives as far as they would go. Now I have a whole slew of different podcasts to listen to at work so I can pick and choose what I'm feeling like that day.

18 favorite podcasts to listen to at work

I should probably start off by saying what style of podcasts I like because I know people like different things. Personally, I want to listen to a pair of witty co-hosts (or a good host with a guest) talk about a subject with a whole lot of humor. Some people want straight information from podcasts but I love a little bit of a tangent.

Also, the longer the better really. TBH I don't see the point of a twenty minute podcast. A lot of these are around the hour long mark.

Oh, and a lot of my favorite podcasts to listen to at work are explicit. So, like, listen with headphones. 


I'm mildly obsessed with getting to know the deep down nitty gritty about different topics. Podcasts are amazing for this because there are so many that literally only just go into the deep nitty gritty on different topics. The podcasts in this group all cover random facts or history or both. I think the Apple podcast app calls these "edutainment" which is horrific but I guess gives you the jist of it. 

Stuff You Should KnowIf you've listened to any podcasts you've probably heard of Stuff You Should Know (SYSK). This is one of the largest, longest running podcasts and a beloved personal favorite as it's one of the podcasts that got me listening to all the others on this list. There are literally over one thousand episodes to listen to and each goes deep into specific topics. Perfect if you, like me, need a good dig through the archives to bring light to a boring day.

TBH not every topic is a smash hit of excitement (they recently covered restaurant health inspections...fun). I save the less interesting episodes (to me) to listen to at night to fall asleep.

Recent Favorite Episodes: How Exorcism Works, How Spam Works, The DB Cooper Heist.

Stuff You Missed In History ClassHow Stuff Works has SO. MANY. PODCASTS. Basically if there is a podcast with Stuff in the title (ahem, SYSK, above) it's probably under the How Stuff Works umbrella. 

Stuff You Missed in History Class tells you exactly what you would expect. It explains with each episode things in history you may have never learned. This podcast is a little scripted for my taste (I love some good witty banter among co-hosts) but it pleasant nonetheless. 

Favorite Episodes: Butter v. Margarine, The Hagley Woods Murder, Roses Through Time.

The History Chicks - The History Chicks is a favorite of mine even though the quality isn't that great. I mean, if you're one of those people who can't stand to hear poor microphone quality right up in your ears, this is one to skip. But, if you can get over that The History Chicks is delightful.

The History Chicks is hosted by two women who both sound exactly like your mom gently telling you about badass women in history. You can tell it's such a passion project for the two hosts which is part of the reason I love it. Plus, deep dives. I just can't get enough. 

Favorite Episodes: Marie Antoinette, Lizzie Borden, Helen Keller, Queen Victoria, Agatha Christie, etc they're all really great. 

You Must Remember This - For Hollywood fans you need to listen to You Must Remember This. This is one of those podcasts I don't listen to every episode as it comes out. Instead whenever I'm in the mood for a listen I'll scroll through and find a topic that looks interesting to me. Like lately, Charles Manson. OOOPH. 

Favorite Episodes: Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, the whole blacklist series. 

No Such Thing As A Fish - Dave and I used to not exactly legally stream episodes of the british quiz show, QI. It's facts plus humor so it's right up our alley. On QI they go through a bunch of truly random facts held together with a vague theme. All those facts have to be researched by someone, and those someones have a podcast, No Such Thing As A Fish. 

It's hosted by usually the same four researchers for QI with occasional guests and they literally just say the most interesting facts they learned that week. It's mostly silly and not always actual facts but it's always fun. 

Recent Favorite Episodes: No Such Thing As An Ant On Its Gap Year, No Such Thing As Scottish Snow.

True Crime

I have a horrifying fascination with true crime. Which I am so well aware that not everyone loves. Listening to most of these podcasts is like watching an episode of Law and Order without the '90s bass interlude music. Some of these can be a REAL bummer so maybe don't listen to them all at once. 

My Favorite Murder - MFM is one of my all time favorite podcasts. It's hosted by two women who do a whole lot of chat and then quickly tell you about a couple of heinous murders. They get the perfect mix of comedy, horror, quotable one liners, and honoring the victims of these crimes.

MFM fans are a seriously dedicated bunch. Just type in MFM into Etsy and you'll see over a thousand fan made things to buy. It's intense. 

Recent Favorite Episodes: They're all great, take a scroll through their wikipedia page to find a murder you're interested in learning more about.

Criminal - Criminal is so damn good and I wish there were more episodes (and if they could all be twice as long that would be great, thanks). Unlike a lot of the other true crime podcasts on this list, Criminal doesn't always cover murders. Basically, anything that is criminal is up for grabs as a topic. 

There isn't always a ton of humor thrown into Criminal, but it's incredibly well done. Lots of interviews and the host has a beautiful narration voice. 

Favorite Episodes: Carry A Nation, The Procedure, One Eyed Joe.

Last Podcast On The Left - I have a love/hate relationship with Last Podcast On The Left. On one hand they do incredibly well researched deep dives into some horrifying topics, but on the other hand it sounds like it's hosted by a bunch of bros on a morning radio show. Honestly sometimes I can't get over their little bits, so I only listen every once in awhile. 

Favorite Episodes: Secret Societies, the Black Widows series, all of their serial killer deep dives.

Someone Knows Something - If you want a bone chilling podcast, listen to Someone Knows Something. It's definitely not the most fun and it's totally without comedy but lawd is it good. Someone Knows Something is produced in seasons, with each season covering a different case you probably haven't heard of. This podcast is sad and thought provoking, and for me, best done in small doses. 

Favorite Episodes: You really can't listen to these out of order. I mean, I guess you can, but you shouldn't. Listen from the beginning straight on through in order. 

Serial - Ah, the podcast that started it all. I listened to Serial a few months after it exploded in popularity, what, over two years ago now? It's the podcast that opened my eyes (and a whole boat load of people's eyes) to the world of podcasts. I listened to them when they were all available at once and I think I got through the first season in two days. Then just a couple weeks later Dave and I had a long road trip and we listened to it for the whole drive.

Season one is gripping and heart wrenching and has a totally unsatisfying ending but it's so good that it doesn't matter. Season two on the other hand? It was a total let down in my opinion. It just didn't have the spark of season one. 

Can I add in real quick a note about S Town? It was basically the next big hit (media-wise) to come after Serial and I have some feelings about it. Although S Town was undoubtedly an incredibly well done podcast and I would never tell you to not listen to it, it makes me extremely uncomfortable. Personally, I love a good deep dive into a topic. But when that topic is a human being and I, as a listener, am not totally confident that the person would want their story told in such depth it feels invasive and wrong. I'm trying to keep this spoiler free but if you've listened to the whole thing through tweet me and let's chat. 


As someone who watches probably a little too much TV than what's good for me, I have a few podcast favorites. Because are you really a fan if you haven't watched the show and then listened to someone else recap it? 

Here To Make Friends - As an avid Bachelor and Bachelor adjacent show fan, Here To Make Friends is a weekly listen. Well, it's a weekly listen when the show(s) are on. This podcast is hosted by two funny and totally relatable women. So it's kind of like listening to your friends chat about the show you all watched last night, sometimes with a guest from said show. 

I love that they look at the Bachelor shows through a realistic lens. Like, yeah, it's obvious that this show does nothing for feminism (which they talk about each episode) but it also has real live people in it so maybe don't rip them a new one. 

Favorite Episodes: This is one where A: you have to like and watch the Bachelor shows for it to make sense, and B: isn't really one to listen to out of order when you're in the mood. 

Gilmore Guys - I love the Gilmore Guys. Truly. I love them. I started watching Gilmore Girls shortly after moving to New Orleans (and like 1000+ miles away from my friends and family). It's like a warm blanket of a show and Gilmore Guys talks through every single possible detail to the point that Gilmore Guys episodes are always longer than the episode of the show.

The premise is that one host, Kevin, is a die hard, life-lifelong Gilmore fan going episode by episode through with co-host Demi who has never seen the show. It's a whole lot of chat and laughs and is a fun way to get in that Gilmore fix when it's not actually appropriate to watch at your desk. 

Favorite Episodes: This is another one I suggest listening to from the beginning on through. Unless you are a huge Gilmore Girls fan and can remember most episodes, in which case, choose your favorite episode.

Unspoiled Harry Potter - I had to have a Harry Potter podcast. There are quite a few HP podcasts around but some of them are old and kind of tired. I tried to get into Harry Potter and the Sacred Text but I couldn't get over the religious overtones. I am well aware that HP itself has plenty of religious overtones but it's not quite so in your face with it as HP and the Sacred Text. 

My HP podcast of choice is Unspoiled Harry Potter. Somehow, magically, the host Natasha has found a co-host, Roshawn, who is basically unaware of Harry Potter. Like, she's heard of it, but in the first episode she didn't know Ron or Hermione's names, just that Harry had two side kicks. 

I guess it's kind of like Gilmore Guys because they go chapter by chapter (my favorite set up) through the book. It's downright delightful to listen to Roshawn's predictions as they go through.

Favorite Episodes: Yet again I'll say to listen through from the beginning. Especially with the first book it's a little rough around the edges, but the episodes are fairly short. 


Food podcasts are a thing and the food-nerd in me LOVES THEM. I love cooking and eating and learning about the history and culture around food which is where these podcasts come into play. 

Food Stuff - Another HSW podcast and a fairly young 'un is Food Stuff. This podcast picks a very specific food or food related item and talks through the history, cultural importance, science, basically anything there is to say on it they do. 

Favorite Episodes: The Fictional Foods series, Ramen, Quiche, Julia Child, Sour Beer.

Gastropod - My all time favorite foodie podcast is Gastropod. It doesn't come out nearly as often as I would like but that's because so much work and effort goes into each episode. We're talking traveling outside the country for interviews and doing peppercorn taste tests. Food Stuff and Gastropod are fairly similar in that they both cover one specific food thing in great detail. They're really just different in how the show is put together.

Favorite Episodes: Cannibalism, Marshmallow Creme, Vinegar, Peanuts, Pepper, Seltzer. 

The Rest

Okay, these podcasts are a jumble of different topics but they really don't fit in with the categories above. Each are totally different, so don't think they're linked in basically any way at all besides the fact that I don't listen to any other podcasts like them. 

At Home With... - Blogger babes Anna Newton and Lily Pebbles first jump into podcasting was so great. They walk through the homes of awesome women while interviewing them about their jobs, life, interior design choices, basically anything. They also take photos as they go so if you listen to the podcast on Acast you can see the rooms they're talking about. 

Favorite Episodes: Liz Earle, Lisa Eldridge, Terry De Gunzburg.

The Beauty Brains - My love of beauty and science come together in The Beauty Brains. Hosted by two cosmetic chemists they answer questions from listeners, dispel beauty myths, and get into the world of beauty from behind the scenes. I've mentioned The Beauty Brains more than a few times on this blog and other websites I've written for because they're just chock full of great information. They used to be twice weekly and have petered out as of late but the backlog of information is great. 

Favorite Episodes: Bee Venom, AHAs, Color Changing Makeup.

My Dad Wrote A Porno - Finishing off with the very (very!!!) not work appropriate My Dad Wrote A Porno. Which is, pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Hosted by three friends, one of whom's dad is writing a porno series starring Belinda, the pots and pans sales women. It's undeniably cringy, and hilarious and 100% explicit and NSFW. But if you feel like crying from laughing and then feeling very uncomfortable explaining why, this is a great one to go for. 

Favorite Episodes: This is told chapter by chapter so start at the beginning and work your way through. 

And a quick finish with a few podcasts that I've listened to and liked but I wouldn't exactly call a favorite:

18 best podcasts for women

I would like to give a big ol' shout out to Dave for being a blogger boyfriend and taking all of these very candid shots of me listening to podcasts. What a babe. 

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