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5 Favorite Drugstore Lipstick Formulas

5 Favorite Drugstore Lipstick Formulas

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There are three very basic facts about me that really keep this blog running. I love makeup, I love high quality products, and I am cheap. Not having the largest paychecks to play with adds to the whole cheap thing but, HEY! It allows me to bring you the best of the best from the drugstore. Best of the lipsticks, coming right atcha.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick - Full disclosure, I'm not a big fan of Kate Moss, dem cheekbones be fly and all, but her eyes kind of creep me out. So it's not an "I love this celeb so I love the makeup they put their name on" kind of thing. Its matte without being too matte, non drying and the shade selection is pretty decent. 107 is my favorite bold berry, and 104 is a gorgeous daytime color for all kinds of office appropriate fun.

Wet n' Wild Mega Last Lip Color - With easily (by a landslide) the worst packaging in the entire drugstore, the Mega Last Lip Colors are pretty forgettable. The cheap price and the crazy color range are just enough to let it slide - but just barley. The super matte formula can be drying but that lipstick is not movin' for nothin' once you put it on.

L'Oreal Collection Privee - I think the L'Oreal Collection Privee was the most clever thing to come out of the drugstores in the last year or so. Although my coloring isn't much like any of the babes in the line I do like a good few shades. The scent can be intense in the bullet, not totally unpleasant but definitely unnatural. The Nudes line is what really sparked my interest. The formula is pretty darn close to the MAC Creamsheen with a touch less cream.

Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain - Bit of a cheat on this one. It may have been built with staining power in mind but this is the most lipstick-like stain I've ever tried. Smitten is my all time favorite from the line, a gorgeous blue toned fuchsia. It is minty, sheen-y, and lasts hours.

Maybelline Vivids - Maybelline is not a brand I think of too often for their lip offerings. So many brands have the same colors over and over. Its safe and pretty, and there is nothing wrong with that. But bring in the Vivids and there is finally something fun. The formula is very buildable, making it slightly more practical. Every time I am surprised that the formula feels so thin while packing so much pigment.

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What is your favorite drugstore lipstick formula?

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