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5 Best Red Lipsticks You Need This Holiday Season

5 Best Red Lipsticks You Need This Holiday Season

Because OBVS you'll be wearing a red lip at some point in time this winter. 

5 Best Red Lipsticks You Need this Holiday Season

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I know I get excited to talk about lipstick on a nearly day to day basis. It's... I was going to say it's a problem, but, um, it's not a problem.

You know what is a problem? I just finished watching Drop Dead Diva and I'm pretty sure I've now burned through every feel good show on Netflix. Now I'm stuck watching CSI: New York (because you can't stream the original CSI) and the WHOLE first season is in a weird pre-instagram filter. It's a TV show that is basically covered in the Crema filter which is easily the worst filter. Or maybe it's Nashville. Either way. 

Today we're chatting lip products, because it's a Monday, first full week of December, and I'm sure you're just as ready to get into the holiday spirit as I am. And what is a low key way you can feel like you're wearing holiday makeup without caking glitter over your whole face (not that I'm opposed to that)? By wearing a red lip. 

It seriously can take any regular ol' makeup look and make it feel special. But, I don't want to go too hard for a '50s thing. It's a little too close to home right now, you know? So we're going for a modern red lip this winter. And modern red lips? They're glossy, or at least not a matte cool toned red. 

5 Best Red Lipsticks You Need this Holiday Season

The Glossies 

We're starting off with the most modern of the red lipstick alternatives. The glossies. These bad boys take what you thought you knew about lip balm and turn it upside down.

Ok. That's a bit dramatic. 

But, these are crazy nourishing lip balms that will hydrate your lips, add a gorgeous reddish sheen, and are, wait for it, not sticky whatsoever. 

Yeah. So, I mean, they are really really good. 

First one up is the *Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in #12. Technically this is a limited edition color, but it's still available right now (yay!) but whenever it becomes not available, #5 is the closest color in the permanent range. 

Right, so the Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors are, um, pretty perfect. It's a squeezy tube of lipgloss with a fuzzy applicator tip that has just the right size and amount of fuzz. The gloss is the seriously dreamy part though. It's shiny and makes your lips look nice and full and not like you've forgotten to hydrate them even though it's winter (which means chapped lips). It's, you know, glossy, so it isn't going to stick around forever. But it's one of those that you don't need a mirror or anything to apply so it's all good. 

For a slightly darker balmy option, I've got the Korres Lip Butter In Wild Rose. You guys. This stuff is awesome. Admittedly the pot format is not ideal for taking out of the house with you. What are you going to do? Stick your unwashed fingers into your pretty $12 goo and totally taint the whole thing? They do have the Mandarin Rose Lip Butter Stick but I've heard say that the stick is less moisturizing. Anyway. If you're chillin around the house and or are a hand sanitizer fanatic, get this perfect little pot. Your lips will thank you.

5 Best Red Lipsticks You Need this Holiday Season

The Bolds

And now to pack a little more pigment. And remember when I said I wanted these to be modern? Well they are. Not a one is a blue toned matte red but all three still scream winter holiday magic. 

First up is the Sephora Matte Lip Cream in Strawberry Kissed (MAC All Fired Up is similar). So I've been harping on the fact that none of these are cool toned matte red lipsticks. And this isn't! It is matte though. But the Sephora Matte Lip Creams are total tanks. They are like your standard matte liquid lipstick but they aren't suck your lips into dry little prunes matte. Oh, and they leave a really nice stain behind too. 

Strawberry Kissed is a gorgeous so-deep-it's-nearly-red pink. So, technically not a red-red, but it reads as a just slightly lighter red with neutral undertones. 

For something that feels a little more mysterious look no further than the NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Hyde Park. It's a satiny texture that will dry down, not to a total matte, but matt-er than it was when you applied it. I've been a big fan of basically all that NARS has to offer since the beginning of forever and I just can't get to grips that no one ever talks about their satin lip pencils. It's always allllll about the velvet matte lip pencils. And trust, those are amazing too, but the satin lip pencils are not to be forgotten. 

Hyde Park is a slightly deepened slightly plummy red shade. It looks gorgeous in fall and winter when you are feeling a little more moody because it's been overcast for a month. The shade is seriously worth a swatch. 

And wrapping this whole thing up with the NYX Lip Pencil in Hot Red. Which is as close to your standard red lip as you're going to get from this post. It's more neutral tone than blue so it still feels fresh. NYX has, what, like 5 different lip liner formulas now? My favorite is still the slim lip pencils which aren't always available anymore. But, they give you a true matte lip pencil experience and they're usually around $3 so you can pick up a few without breaking the bank.

Wearing lip liners as lipstick is one of my favorite things because they last so long. Usually lip liners are waxier than your average matte lipstick which makes it flexible and also indestructible. Just outline your lips and fill 'er on in. Oh, and you can take it with you for easy bathroom touchups. 

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