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The 7 Products You Need When You Get Bangs

The 7 Products You Need When You Get Bangs

So they can look good, basically. 

Products you need when you get bangs

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I know I've been chatting about my bangs (OMG I GOT BANGS) a lot a lot lately but, um, it's hot #content over here. 

And just soes you knows, going from not having bangs and therefore never ever really doing much with your hair, to having bangs and actually doing your hair is quite the adjustment. You need to learn how to do things like blow dry your hair in a way that doesn't give you a temporary lion's mane. It's fun. And so, now that I've had bangs for eh, two-ish months, I feel pretty darn confident in knowing what you'll need when you snip them bangs.

1. Hair Cutting Shears

So unless you're, like, made of money or something, you'll probably need to trim your bangs at home. I mean, unless you have a very helpful friendly hairdresser friend who you can pay for a trim with a beer. Just, you know, make sure the trimming happens before the beer. 

Anyway, you'll need hair cutting shears because they are thinner and sharper than your leftover school safety scissors. This means when you cut your hair you'll actually cut your hair and not rip up the ends. This makes your bangs look much nicer, trust. I have a pair that came with my boyfriend's razor etc. set but you can find them anywhere for less than $15 a pop. Like these cute scissors by Japonesque come with a giraffe case, or these classic pink handled shears by Fromm Diane.

If you are terrified of trimming your bangs don't sweat it. I'll make a video at some point in time if I can get a lighting, mirror, camera setup that isn't totally heinous. Until then let me point you in the way of this old AF video from hair guru extraordinaire Kayley Melissa. It's basically what I do to trim bangs and it's told to you from a real life hair professional.   

2. Mini Plastic Comb(s)

You'll find out pretty quickly if you live some place windy or if you ever go outside, that a comb is a necessity. Knotted poofy bangs? Not cute. You kind of need to have one with you at all times. I just went to CVS and bought a family pack of 20 (!!) combs for $5 that do the trick. You could also get fancy with it and buy one really good comb that will last you till forever. I like this bamboo comb by Bass Brushes because it looks kind of like tortoise shell. 

3. Frizz Fighting Shampoo

Maybe it's just me, but my bangs frizz out worse than the rest of my hair. To keep my bangs doing their job and making me look more cute not less cute, I wash with a frizz fighting shampoo. My favorite for silky straight bangs (and, um, the rest of my hair) is the *Bumble & Bumble BB Straight Shampoo. I just scrub a dub dub every other day and this shampoo does the trick. For a drugstore alternative, try the Pantene Pro V Smooth and Sleek Shampoo

Products you need when you get bangs

4. Heat Protection Spray

So. If you, like me, have fussy bangs that need tending to every day, you'll need to use heat on the regular. Be that in the form of a pair of straighteners or blow dryer. Either way, you need to protect you hair so it doesn't get damaged and all straw-like. I've been using the TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray since I was but a young lass and I still love it. I just give one solid spritz or two half spritz before turning on the heat. You can see all that in action over here on my youtube video explaining how I style day old bangs

5. A Decent Hair Drier

Again, you'll probably be upping your time spent with a blow drier so it would be nice if it does a good job and also you don't hate it. I'm using the *CHI Touch 2 Touch Screen Hair Dryer because it's the bomb. I mean, I guess you could totally splash out and get that new Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer (and hi, if you're a jillionaire, can I have one?), but you know, probably not. I like the *Touch 2 because I can totally customize it and who doesn't like touch screens? I guess besides grandparents. It will def make your grandparents mad that you're such a millennial even your blow dryer needs to have a screen. It's great. 

Products you need when you get bangs

6. Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Because I can't stand the thought of washing my hair every single day, I just don't. And I like my bangs on the second day, they're all piecey instead of being too perfect. I like dry shampoo that has a little bit of texturizing/volumizing capabilities because bangs tend to need that lift. My OG is Bumble And Bumble Pret A Powder which is a tiny little godsend. You can salt shaker out just enough powder to make your bangs nice and matte and clean looking. Plus it adds tons of texture. You can also go for the *Dove Volumizing Dry Shampoo, too. Just word to the wise, less is more with Dove dry shampoos. 

7. Wide Fabric Headbands

And finally, you'll need at least one wide fabric headband. These are critical if you have an extensive skincare routine. Because, just, ew, no. I don't even want to think about doing my skincare routine with my bangs down. It's like asking to either waste product transferring to your bangs, or making your bangs sticky, or getting hair germs on your freshly washed face. All around bad idea. So I just use a plain old stretchy fabric headband. Mine is, admittedly, pretty boring. But you can go for these cute headbands by Carole that aren't totally hideous. 

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7 products you need to style bangs

So what say you, are you on the bangs train? Do you trim your own at home? Let me know!

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