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8 Best Christmas Nail Polish Colors

8 Best Christmas Nail Polish Colors

Plus a whole bunch more options for you to take a looksie at.

Best christmas nail polish colors

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Well friends, happy first of December! We're finally in the part of the year where you can be really obnoxiously Christmassy and no one can tell you it's too early. Admittedly, my apartment has been decorated since the day after Thanksgiving and, um, Dave and I opened our advent calendars like ... five days in advance. 

But It's now official and I can do all the holiday blog content that my little heart desires. Starting with, no surprise here, nails! Because I've become just a little bit obsessed with all things nails in the last few months. I literally, just now, watched a good ten minute long compilation video of holiday nail art and I swear I don't think I blinked. 

On to my holiday nail polish picks! I've got two choices of each color to make things all nice and even, plus a few more in the widgets because options are always a good thing. 

Best red christmas nail polish colors


I've got a little love affair going on with red nail polish right now. To the point that even though I use a base coat religiously every time I paint my nails, my natural nails have turned a nice shade of pink. 

Oh well. I guess that's what I get for wearing red nail polish for like a month on end. 

I've got a standard bright bright cherry red with *Dermelect Red-iculous (RED-ICULOUS. Serously). This is a peptide infused nail polish which basically means nothing to me, but it is a gorgeous color and it lasts for aaaages. 

For a darker moodier red I've got Spoiled Polish in Slumming On Sunset (China Glaze Salsa is similar). It's the polish I've been wearing non-stop so obviously a favorite for the pre-Christmas time frame. 


Green is one of those colors I always tell myself I'm going to wear. It looks great with my skin tone, it's one of my favorite colors, etc. But, for whatever reason I find green nail polish to be really hit or miss with actually looking good on my hands. Maybe it just sticks out too much? Maybe I'm too used to seeing my nails in more neutral colors? I don't know. Regardless, I have two whole green nail polish colors I actually like. 

First is Essie Mint Candy Apple. I know mint may not seem like a particularly holiday festive color but hear me out. Mint is a shade that, although bright, looks good all year long. Plus it's totally celebrating the holidays on your nails in a low key way. Also, mint and cherry red go so well together so you can use mint as a base for some fun holiday nail art. 

Next up I've got a Lynnderella polish in, wait for it, *The Juice Of Human Kindness. Jaysus. Is that not the best/weirdest name for a nail polish of all time? Because Lynnderella polishes are all hand made/mixed etc. they run out quickly. So, unfortunately as this is a limited edition polish it's now sold out. But, she does have Six Geese Laughing still available which is pretty darn similar, it just has larger glittery pieces. 

Best christmas nail polish colors


Give me just a little leeway here on the silver polishes because they're really more like grey. But, I feel like the bright silver mirrored chrome nails are so overplayed at this point. These are more like how a hot older dude is a silver fox when really the just have grey hair. And a creamy grey is that much more chic.

Anyway. For a creme grey I've got one of my favorite colors, Essence Rock My World. This lil guy is only $2 AND it's really great. I love it when nail polish is cheap but also good, it like never happens. This grey feels really luxurious. It's kind of like how everyone goes crazy for Nails Inc Porchester Square, because it's so chic, except this is a straight gray, no mauve. 

For something darker with a little more pizzaz, I've got OPI My Private Jet. I know I, um, just included this in my fall nail polish round up but I think it works great in winter too. The darkness says I'm not in a childlike state of festivity, but the subtle rainbow glitter does. It's the Hannah Montana nail polish for the slick working professional who also really loves the glitter. 


And finally, gold. I do love a good golden polish. These are my favorites for wearing on Christmas day because who doesn't want to SPARKLE? Eat a nice breakfast, have a cup of tea, paint your nails an over the top gold shade, sounds like an excellent Christmas morning. But, just incase you don't like glitter (um, how?) I've got a standard gold too.

And that standard gold is Revlon Beachy which is sold out. Sorry! I've been scouring the internet for the closest color and I think I've found it in OPI With A Nice Finn-Ish. It's not a yellow gold, per say, but more like a bright bronzy gold. This makes it way more flattering on different skin tones than your standard '80s yellow gold. 

But, because I need the glitter in my life, I've got OPI Gaining Mole Mentum. It's a gorgeous large flaky glitter nail polish in a slightly pink ish jelly base. It doesn't get a whole lot better than that. I'm 100% planning on using this to recreate this manicure I did last year for xoVain. It's so pretty and festive! 

Top 8 Best Nail Polish Colors For holidays |Christmas Nails|

So, what do you think? Into the whole holiday nail thing?

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