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A Mini Beauty Birthday Haul

A Mini Beauty Birthday Haul

Happy birthday to me from me.

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It's that time of year again! Last week saw my birthday come and go and like other years I'm sharing what I picked up for myself for my birthday. The whole squicky feeling I get from birthday hauls feels better when I only share what I picked up as a little treat for myself. Just a thing, right? 

This year saw a lot of lipsticks come into my life, along with an amazing assortment of freebies from Sephora and the Kat Von D website. 

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During National Lipstick Day (conveniently about a week before my birthday), a whole bunch of stores had sales going on. I went through them all on my @lipstick_a_day instagram, if you were wondering. I was surprised at the lack of sale going on at Sephora, but because I was in deep feeling for the Bite Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Tannin, I went ahead and ordered anyway. 

This lipstick is a DREAM. Honestly. I did a mini instagram review but trust me, it's gorgeous. 

It's a super creamy poppy red that goes on a bit lighter than it looks in the bullet. This is the first creamy (non-matte) red I've tried so I'm interested to see how much use I get out of it, but for right now it's love. 

Also at Sephora were a whole host of freebies. The birthday gifts are pretty decent this year! I went for the matchy-matchy set of the Tarte blush in Paaarty, and the mini Tarteist Lip Paint in Birthday Suit. Other freebies were the MUFE Aqua XL cream eyeshadow and the Juliette Has A Gun ~deluxe~ sample in MMMM....

Honestly I've never been one to be thrilled with perfume samples but this has me wanting the full size scent. It's SO good. 

As for the lipstick day sale I actually used, Kat Von D had their studded kiss lipsticks for just $15 and a free mini everlasting liquid lipstick. Like, how could I say no to that? 

This was my first time using the studded kiss lipsticks and I'm here for 'em. They're pretty standard, lipstick wise, but the matte texture is super comfortable. The shades I picked up were Lolita (the first) and Countess, the brightest red orange lipstick I ever did see. More on these gorgeous lipsticks coming soon. 

The mini everlasting liquid lipstick is in the shade Nosferatu or Nos Fur Atu depending on who you ask. No idea why they got screwy with the name there but it's vampire themed nonetheless. I've yet to wear this one but it looks like a gorgeous deep bloody red. 

The embossing on KVD lipsticks are almost too good to be true. Just look at that work of art. 

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