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How I'm Slowly Adding Color Into My Wardrobe

How I'm Slowly Adding Color Into My Wardrobe

One red top at a time.


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About, let's say, six months ago I took a long hard look at my closet and almost fell asleep. It was. All. Grey. Everything. Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but my clothes all fell comfortably into the neutral color palette with blue being the most exotic shade. And look, I love a cozy grey sweater or a classic white tee, but I don't want my closet to bore me. Ever since I've been slowly but surely adding in color little bits at a time. 

It was back in August that I wrote about my sudden and passionate love of red-orange tops. They're just ... perfect. But, besides that, I've also worked in greens and burgundy which brings me to tip number one. 

1. Pick A Color Palette You Love


With my extremely neutral wardrobe at hand, adding in literally any color would work. I started off strong with red-oranges because the color just does something for my skintone. But, after that I turned to greens almost entirely in the form of this bad ass banana print midi skirt. Technically there's also a matching bandeau top to go with it but that's a bit too much look for me to handle right now. 

(Also let me just slip in here and say that, nope, sorry, I don't have a link to this skirt or matching top because I made 'em myself because I'm actually Laura Ingalls Wilder and this is Little House on the Prairie. The closest ones I can find are horrifically expensive like this one or this one. )

Every other bit I've added to my wardrobe since has either been an OG neutral, or red. I guess you could say I added yellow with my everyday clutch but it's still basically brown. These are the colors I feel I look best in and don't rock my fashion boat too hard. 

2. Pick Statement Pieces


If you're an all black everything kind of person, just working in a smidge of color will make everything feel like it stands out. Which, in my opinion, means that you might as well go all in, right? 

Go big or go home.

I guess the thought process here is why bother with a slightly different to your usual pair of earrings when you can jump right in with a banging burgundy coat? This wooly dream of a jacket was borrowed from my babe, Erin, when we were traveling a few months ago and my own jacket wasn't warm enough. I believe she got it from Asos but I found some similar ones here from Misguided and here from Joe Fresh (also this very expensive but on super sale version).

I'm one of those people who, whenever I leave the house and more than one person glances at me I'm like "why is EVERYONE staring at me today???". And, it's way worse with something flashy on. Like, I know this bright orange jacket (mine's from ThredUp) is bomb, but people are staring and I'll never wear it again. 

Eventually you (I) will get over that and you'll just look all sassy in your fun brights. 

3. Wear With Comfortable Neutrals


But to stop you (me) from having a color induced, people are staring at you, panic attack wear your statement piece with easygoing neutrals. 

I'm obsessed with these particular pair of blue jeans. They're just the right color of blue, right? They're from Tommy Hilfiger (which I thrifted because I'm nothing if not very price conscious). I tailored them to fit like a glove and it was absolutely worth it because I wear them whenever I can. 

I usually go for a bright sweater, especially now that it's winter. Worn with my favorite skinnies, my go-to Madewell bag (or clutch) and my favorite booties (or Clarks Wallabees). Very comfortable, casual outfit and I'm living for it.

How colorful is your wardrobe?

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