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This Amazon Gel Nail Polish Set Is Great but Also Terrible

This Amazon Gel Nail Polish Set Is Great but Also Terrible

Whole lot of mixed feelings going on here.

Ladies and gents I'm still on the gel nail train. It's not breaking news at this point but I've become something of a connoisseur of gel nail polish sets. I know I just wrote about a different Amazon gel nail polish set a few weeks ago but I needed to inform you of this new set so you can make good choices. That's what this is all about, right?

The Good

I'll cut right to the chase here and say this is quite possibly the best base and top coat combination I've ever used. Ever. Period.

I always got the vibe that using a base and top coat for gel nails was a bit useless (my other Amazon gel nail kit doesn't have them!) but these are remarkable. Without using this set and using other gel base/top coats I'll usually get a good week and a half of chip free nails. Without a top coat I'll get seven to ten days.

With this base and top coat set I basically get until I want to remove them. That is, unless I do something horrendous to chip them. We're not going to talk about the time I almost cut off my thumbnail while cooking so that got a little chippy but, I mean, outlier. 

They're both pretty thin, all things considered so I wouldn't necessarily expect them to last too long. But they far and away outshine all the other gel sets I've tried. The only bummer is removing them. I suggest lots of filing down pre-soak and soaking for at least twenty minutes. 

The Bad

So you're probably thinking this Amazon gel nail polish set is Glob's gift to your nails, right? WRONG. Sure, the base coat and the top coat do miraculous things, but the actual colored polish? It's actual garbage. It doesn't deserve to be on the same page as the base and top coat. 

This is by far the thinnest gel polish I've ever tried. Usually darker colors are pretty easy to get full opacity, this manicure took four full coats to get opaque. That is absolute nonsense. Add to that, it's super thin and runny which makes getting a clean line around the cuticle an actual nightmare. 

Now don't think that this is my conclusion after only using this polish once. I've had it kicking around for a while and had done two other manicures with it not long after purchasing months ago. Both were not the best manicures I'd ever done and were a light teal-ish blue because I only did two coats. I decided last week that because I was older and wiser and better at nails now that I could master this navy blue and rock it out.

I could not. It was, as I said, a nightmare to use. 

So please, if you're getting into the world of cheapie Amazon gel nail polish sets, grab this base and top coat and get your color elsewhere. 

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