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The Anti Aging Skin Care Products I Love as a Twenty Something

The Anti Aging Skin Care Products I Love as a Twenty Something

Starting early and all that.

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You know what is a really quick way to feel old? Facebook ads. Seriously, I don't know why but I get more ads for Doctors Hate Her Anti-Aging Wrinkle Crushing Magic than almost anything else (besides hair removal products but that's another story). I'm only 24! Okay, soon to be 25, but still. Not all that old. But I've also done a not great job of taking care of my skin until a couple of years ago, and I'm already seeing why that's a bad life choice. So hey, if you're reading this and you're like 15? Grab some sunscreen and use it. Every. Single. Day. If you don't you'll need a whole host of anti aging skincare products before you've actually lived life.


Here's my biggest problem area. Sunscreen. When I was a teen you couldn't pay me to wear sunscreen. I knew that I burned into a nice shade of lobster if I went outside, and I knew that was bad for me. But, like, sunscreen is expensive, especially if you have to try a whole bunch of them to find one that won't make you break out. 

I wrote a little article over on Nylon not too long ago giving details on different anti aging skin care ingredients and what they actually do. Sunscreen was first on the list and was called, and I quote Dr. Brian Zelickson, "the ultimate anti-aging ingredient." Because really, sunscreen keeps you from turning into a leathery old prune. 

It took me forever to find sunscreen that I actually like and now I have two of them! My first is the OG sunscreen that actually got me to wear SPF, La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 Clear Skin Dry Sunscreen. It's pretty thick but it glides on easily and leaves you feeling matte, not oily. It's great if you're feeling break out prone because of the creamy (not slimy) texture. 

The other SPF I actually like is the *Hydropeptide Solar Defense Non-Tinted SPF 50. It's much thinner feeling, almost like your regular moisturizer. When I use this one I usually just skip the moisturizer afterwards because it is a bit heavier feeling. It gives a nice dewy effect on the skin and has yet to make me break out so basically it's a must for sunny winters. 


Acids are where I feel most comfortable in the anti aging skincare arena. I've used acids for years because they seem to be the only product that make any difference in my acne. 

My first true love is the entire Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix range. It's chock full of glycolic acid, unsurprisingly, and is the first anti aging line I've ever loved. My favorites are the serum and the daily cleansing pads. They add a glow, and the glycolic acid helps to keep cell turnover going.

Next we have two little boos from The Ordinary. I already wrote up all my thoughts on the Lactic Acid and Advanced Retinoid in another blog post. I switch back and forth between the two every night to keep my skin on it's feet and to make sure I don't over do it and freak out my skin. 


Besides forcing myself to wear sunscreen, adding in antioxidants has been the biggest struggle in my anti aging skincare mission. I think it's because you really don't see a huge difference when you start using them. Or I don't, at least. It's why I can really only remember to use an antioxidant-filled product every couple of days. 

The first, and easiest to use is the *Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Firming Serum. It has more moisturizing benefits than anything else I notice right now. But, you know, those antioxidants are rooting around in your skin and keeping free radicals from giving you wrinkles or something, so, worth it. 

Second up is The Ordinary Vitamin C suspension. Like I said in my previous article on The Ordinary, it's a tricky one to use but it's also incredibly cheap. You have to get the timing perfect, post-shower to make your skin actually absorb it. 

Eye Cream

Last but not least is using an eye cream. This one may just be the most fun step of all. Although I don't believe that an eye cream can totally make puffiness disappear or lift dark circles, or do half the stuff that they usually say they do, I do like to use 'em. My undereye area has always been an insecure spot for me, face-wise. I know that my puffy eye bags are genetic and there isn't a ton I can do for them at the moment, but keeping that skin feeling moisturized and healthy is a good place to start. Plus, keeping crepey skin and crows feet at bay? Never a bad idea. 

My favorite eye cream is the *Belif Moisturizing and Firming Eye Cream. I wrote about it (and that black tea serum too, now that I think about it) when I wrote about moisturizers for oily skin. It has a thick gel-like texture, and it has been keeping my peepers extra peppy.

Do you use anti aging skincare products?

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