Important To Me Update: I Got Bangs

brown bangs | fringe | full bangs and ponytail

I am well aware that this is not groundbreaking news that will make a major impact on your life but for me this is a biggie. I got bangs. Full bangs too! I toyed back and forth with going for side bangs first then transitioning into full on bangs, but life is too short my friends, and hair is there for snipping. 

Given the bangs and my somewhat recent undercut I feel like I've willingly given up half of my hair. It's actually kind of nice though because my head is literally lighter without all that hair weight. 

It's weird because I had full on bangs three or four years ago and kind of hated them. I never had them trimmed and literally just got them and immediately grew them out, but I think I'm going to keep these guys for a while. Way back when I was in college and interning and didn't want to bother with having to wake up earlier and style them let alone comb my bangs every time I walked outside. Which is fair enough, but the last few days of actually needing to do something with my hair has been a nice change of pace. 

brown hair bangs | full bangs | bangs and ponytail

I also think my face really suits having bangs. I get to look immediately more like a try-hard french girl wannabe which means I may never be able to wear stripes again, but otherwise from that I think I really suit them. 

And FYI I did cut them myself. I followed this video tutorial and it was super easy. I mean I watched the tutorial a good five or six times before actually doing it but I think it turned out pretty ok. 

Anyway, happy Monday and here's to doing whatever you want with your hair.