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Highlighters For When You Want Your Cheekbones Visible From Space

Highlighters For When You Want Your Cheekbones Visible From Space

bold highlighters

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Calling all magpies because this is probably the shiniest post I've ever written. I felt like after going on and on about the subtle highlighters that just make you look like you were magically blessed with great cheekbones, it was about time to talk about the wham-bam highlighters that everyone can see you're wearing and wants to wear too. These guys are the big bad boldies that will make you look and feel, as Tyra would say, fierce. 

Makeup Geek Kathleen Lights Highlighter

The Palette

This limited edition * Kathleen Lights X Makeup Geek Highlighter Palette will take care of pretty much all of your highlighting needs. It's a bit on the very warm side for my neutral-ish to maybe kind of a bit warm skin tone. You can see just how each of the colors work on little ol' me over on my first impressions video of this palette. 

I get a lot of use out of the center shade, Starlight, which is kind of surprising because I've literally never ever gone for a purpley, mauve color for a highlighter or really any makeup at all. Who would have thought I would like a mauve anything? 

The other two shades are a more golden tone and a more bronzy option that are maybe a little too much for those of us who are more on the Casper side of the spectrum. I love a little gold bling but maybe not on my face. 

Kiko milano water eyeshadow champagne

The Shadows

So when I want to really get lit with my highlight I always turn to shadows because they pack the most amount of glittery pigment you could ever want or need. 

Kiko Water Eyeshadow in Champagne gives a gorgeous glittery dusting of champagne colored goodness that my cheekbones live for. If you really want to go for the alien vibes you can dampen your brush when you use it to get an OTT metalic look. 

Urban Decay Sin has a slightly pink tone to it that is super flattering on us with the pale skin. This has a bold metallic look right off the bat so you can tone it down a bit with a fan brush or just go for it and apply with fingers. This one is a super pretty choice for the cupids bow, too. 

Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma is basically just pure white shimmer. It's been my go to for inner corner and under brow highlight basically since the beginning of time. Just a dab will do ya on this one for the cheeks unless you want to go for an ice queen thing, which if you do, all the power to you. 

Stila Kitten is probably one of my favorite eyeshadows of all time. It's no surprise that it's the only eyeshadow color you can count on to be there from Stila (how do they not have a permanent line of eyeshadow?!?). It's a creamy light champagne that just works. 

MAC vanilla pigment

The Pigment

MAC goes a little overboard when it comes to pigments, don't you think? Like it was absolutely no skin off my nose to splash some around on my table because there is so much of it that I won't miss what I lost from the spill. Madness. 

Anyway MAC Vanilla pigment is a real winner. It's just a plain old boring white/cream when you just glance at it but it has this amazing duo-chrome to it where you can see pinks and oranges in different lights. 

The great thing about pigments is that you can use them loose and just create a pretty dusting of highlight or you can go wild and pack it on. A healthy medium is where I like to hang out with these types of products. A good sweep with a fluffy eyeshadow brush gives enough pigment to be noticeable, but also blends enough that you don't just have big striped on cheekbones. 

What are your favorite bold highlighters?

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