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Drugstore Lipstick Worth Twice The Price

Drugstore Lipstick Worth Twice The Price

They're really that good.

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It's Monday morning. It's a gray day, and I just want to talk about lipstick.

Because really, what can brighten up your day more than a really good lipstick? I mean, it literally brightens up your face, but it also just plain old makes you feel good. What is that quote? 

"If you're sad, add more lipstick and attack" - Coco Chanel

It's pretty appropriate for this week, right? So while I'm more likely swathing my lips in odd colors like gray and green that make me feel all attack-y, I thought we'd have a little chit chat about drugstore lipstick. Because they have seriously come a long way even in the last few years. 

The Creams

So, admittedly, I don't wear creamy lipsticks all that often because of the imminent lipstick on teeth threat. And they wear off too quickly for my tastes. But, when I do feel like wearing a lipstick that isn't going to turn my lips into shriveled up raisins, I do have a few favorites. 

First up are the NYX Butter Lipsticks which come in just about every color under the sun. I do prefer these in the nude-ish shades though. I don't know why but I feel kind of weird wearing a deep burgundy color in a shiny finish? Just one of those brain problems. 

Anyway, butter lipsticks. These guys are super creamy and hydrating. Plus, they go on really nicely too. Not in that gross kind of streaky way that creamy lipsticks sometimes do. If you want to do the whole blot-apply-blot shenanigan, you can tons of pigment out of these lipsticks. Otherwise, just swiped on they'll give you more of a medium pigmentation and four-ish hour wear.

For a slightly less shiny but still creamy option I love the Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks. They now also come in a boat load of different colors. On the whole they are creamy and a solid medium pigmentation, although this line does tend to vary a bit more from shade to shade. Good thing is they all tend to layer really well so any pigmentation problems aren't that big of an issue. 

From Maybelline I'm particularly fond of the buffs and vivids lines. Which couldn't really be all that different from each other, but I guess that is just my personality, eh?

The Mattes

Ah do I love a good matte drugstore lipstick. They're like the best little indulgence, right? One bad-ish day is solved by $7 and one bright matte lipstick later. But I'm also very picky about matte lip products. I want them to actually be matte-matte (unless they say otherwise), have really good pigmentation, not dry the living hell out of my lips, and I want them to last at least a good six hours. 

It's not that I'm picky, I just have high standards. Ahem.

So my number one OG matte drugstore lipstick is the Soft Matte Lip Cream in every color yes please and thank you. Honestly, NYX could stop making every other product they do besides the soft matte lip creams and I'd still be happy. They are just my favorite. 

They're great because they don't sink into the lips (which I find really does cause the dehydrated raisin lip look) but instead sits right on top. But, they also aren't terrible about moving around! I feel like a lot of lip colors that sit on top of the lips have the advantage of easily moving around your entire face. These guys tend to stick around.

For a velvety (read: a bit creamier) matte I'm kind of obsessed with the Sonia Kashuk Velvety Matte Lip Crayon. These guys are the best drugstore dupe you're going to get for the NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil. The pigmentation on these guys could be a bit better but I love them because they are So. Darn. Comfortable. 

And, unlike the NARS guys, you can take it with you without fearing that you'll lose it and a the money you had spent on it. 

I also want to throw in an honorable mention to the Rimmel London Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick. They're a great alternative to the NYX SMLC in lipstick form (they just don't come in nearly as many great colors). 

The Stay All Day

Ok, only one really truly very good one here. I love lipsticks that claim they can last all day long and then actually do last all day long. My drugstore favorite that wears really well, is the L'Oreal Infallible 2-Step Lip Color. They stay seriously comfortable and thin all day long!

And, after the balmy end wears off you're left with a bright bold matte lipstick. That actually looks GOOD. Whenever I have events that I know I'll be out and about all day, these are the guys I turn to. They are super cheap, easy to apply (and layer!) and the only area they'll chip is the inner lip area if you're eating a lot. Kudos, L'Oreal. You're infallible line has yet to fail me. 

What are your favorite drugstore lip products?

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