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Tried and Tested: The Best Dry Shampoo for Bangs

Tried and Tested: The Best Dry Shampoo for Bangs

To clean up that greasy ass fringe.

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So it's been, what four or five months since I got bangs? Yep, just checked, I did them in late September. Anyway, seeing as I'm now totally an expert in the art of bangs maintenance, I thought we'd get a little educational around these parts. I use dry shampoo pretty much daily to keep these here bangs all nice and fluffy and not stuck to my forehead.

I'm also not one of those people who advocates for shampooing bangs daily. So I need the dry shampoo to soak up that pesky scalp oil. And not every dry shampoo will do the trick, friends. You'll need to pick and choose depending on the situation and how you want your bangs to look.

Dry Shampoo For Volume

I've always found that the gust-ier the better when it comes to volumizing your bangs. Or, any hair, for that matter. 

I've got two particular favorites for getting a little more oomph out of my hair. First is the ultra-luxe *Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. Sure, it's not really marketed as dry shampoo, and nowhere does it say "yeah, totally spray this near your eyeballs" but it works. If you keep your eyes closed. It's a particularly great one if you need to add a little floof to your bangs. One good gust will give your bangs lift and that cool-girl effortless vibe.

A budget option (note how I'm saying option, not dupe) is the *Dove Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo. This one is more like a traditional dry shampoo but not quite so powdery as my fave Batiste. The Dove dry shampoos are great for adding a boost of volume and texture to your hair. It isn't quite as voluminous as Oribe but it's literally like 1/10th the price.

You do need to be careful using this one for one specific reason. The white cast. I don't know why but as soon as you can start to see the powder of this dry shampoo, game's over. The white cast is hard to shake out and I find once it gets to that point, my bangs look worse, not better. But, with careful application, this dry shampoo is golden.

Dry Shampoo For Faking Clean Hair

When it comes to making my bangs look actually clean, I turn to the more powdery options of dry shampoo. I really like Batiste, I'm sure you know if you've been around for a while. But, specifically for my bangs, I find it a touch too heavy.

Instead, for my bangs I like a little more control. It's why I freaking adore the little salt shaker type bottle of the Bumble & Bumble Pret A Powder. I like this one in particular because it works as dry shampoo to suck up the grease and it helps to give a little bit of texture which is so needed in day old bangs. I just shake a little at the very top of my roots, then split my bangs in half horizontally, and add a little more there. After letting it soak up the oily stuff for a few minutes, just shake it out and you're good to go. Surprisingly, for a white powder product, I've never had an issue with white cast. So, that's nice too.

Last one is another budget option, the *Suave Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo. This one works better if you want a smoother, less bed-heady look to your bangs. In the same vein of Dove, if you can see the powder in your hair on this one, you've used too much. It's a little less finicky than the Dove, IMHO. It's infused with keratin, which can only help my bangs because I swear they're the only part of my hair that gets damaged. A little spritz and shake and you get smooth but not too oily looking bangs.

Are you on the dry shampoo bang train?

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