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Fall Lipstick Lineup

Fall Lipstick Lineup

Fall Lipstick

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Fall is careening around the corner and I am here for it. In my overzealous anticipation of the best season of all the seasons, I've already done the closet and makeup switcheroo to go from my brights for summer to my more moody shades for autumn. Because Lipstick is probably my number one first favorite makeup product I thought I'd talk you through the lip choices I have lined up for fall before getting to all the rest of it. 

Oribe Violet

The Violet

Starting off very luxe with the *Oribe Lip Lust in The Violet. They only do three shades of lipstick right now and The Violet has my name written all over it. It isn't a purple-purple, it's more of a violet-red shade (worn left) but you can layer it up for a very vampy reddened purple shade. I've been wearing this since I got it a few weeks ago because the formula is gorgeously silky, it has a very comfortable satin finish, and the packaging is so over the top shmancy. 

The Classic

For the last two or three years each fall and winter my lipstick of choice was the classic Rimmel 107. You know the one. Well, this year I've had an upgrade to *Maybelline's Midnight Merlot. This is from their loaded bolds collection a few months ago and it's everything 107 was but better. The shade sits perfectly in the darker than your Christmas red but not too vampy camp. It's pretty similar to Oribe's The Violet but the matte texture leads to longer wear time and you know, because it's a drugstore cheapie, if you lose this one you won't bawl your eyes out for a week. 

The Oddball

I know that a gray lipstick is not something you've ever seen around these parts but the *Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in Chill Zone totally changed my mind on the trend. Most of they grayed out lipsticks are in the slightly-taupey-brown-Kylie-Jenner's-lips-but-better category but instead, Chill Zone is a strong gray with a slightly lavender twist if you catch it in the right light. It's a surprisingly flattering color that even my mom liked. 


The Pink

I couldn't not include * Kat Von D Bauhau5. This is the darker berry pink of my little makeup-filled dreams (worn right). The everlasting liquid lipstick formula is one of my favorite of all the liquid lipsticks I've ever tried because it stays so thin and so comfortable. This is perfect literally at any time but the slightly deeper tone to this pink makes it perfect for cooler weather. Wear this while getting a PSL and crunching leaves under your booties. It will feel amazing. 


The HEMA Soft Matte Lip Balm #11 is not something you'll find in the states, unfortunately. I got it shipped from Maura in The Netherlands so it could be a bit of a jaunt to pick up this particular product. I've been wearing this shade a lot this week just because it's a very chilled out 90's lip - not quite brown but browner than your actual lips - shade. It's a little more satiny than a true matte but it makes it comfortable to wear all day. 

The Purse Dweller

I don't know if I'll ever be able to fully come to terms with how very much I love the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita. It's color is so subtle but so perfect that you can wear literally anything and look great. This is why it stays in my purse half the time. It doesn't matter what else is going on with my face, if I need to apply a new lipstick, this one will work. This is one of those lipsticks that doesn't make a big statement but is one of the ones I get asked about the most from strangers in the real world and online alike.  

The Nude

So this one is kind of a cheat because it's not really a lipstick, and there isn't really much of a color. The * Lipstick Queen Queen Bee Lip Treatment is, as it says, a lip treatment. So it's going to nourish your lips all the ding dong day and keep them shiny with little flecks of golden shimmer on your lips. This has a teensy tiny amount of tint to it that is somewhat bronzy on the lips but is more of a lip-filter than a lip color. It adds a little something, makes your lips look really nice but not anything crazy. 

So what say you, any lipsticks on your list this fall? 

Any lipsticks you return to year after year?

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