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Moody Fall Nail Polishes

Moody Fall Nail Polishes

Fall Nail Polish

So I'm still preemptively celebrating the beginning of fall and today it's all about the nail polish. I've been more than a little bit polish crazy the last, oh, two months or so after a no good very bad gel nail picking experience. I've been working at getting my nails back in tip top shape ever since and one of the best ways to do it is keep polish on at all times to help prevent breakage. I've switched out all my bright and perky nail polishes for something a little darker for fall.

sally hansen dark huemoor

Hello Sailor

I have a feeling, deep in my nail polish predicting gut, that dark navy is going to be the color for fall. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure is one of my favorite drugstore nail polish formulas and Dark Huemoor is the perfect color for scratching that navy itch. You can get away with one coat for a lighter, more traditional navy but double it up for a nearly black navy that I've been loving.

Casual Glitter

For something even darker there is OPI My Private Jet. This is a black polish with teensy tiny rainbow micro glitter that lightens the color to something maybe a touch less dramatic than pure black. It's one of those that look different in different lights which I love and the glitter is passable for people with professional jobs where glitter is frowned upon (which is just sad).

Kinda Nude

For the lightest shade I picked Butter London All Hail The Queen because it is sheer holographic beige and it's perfect for fall. This one is a little light on pigment so if you want the color you get in the bottle you'll be painting your nails for a full day, but for a wash of color this is just perfect. 

Full On Glitter

I couldn't not include a big bold glitter in this round up because glitter makes the world go round and I love it. OPI Gaining Molementum is a limited edition gold and copper glitter with huge glitter flakes that I love. There are tons of gold glitters out on the market so you can find your goldilocks glitter polish. 

Dark Skies

Ok. I had to include Essie's Devil's Advocate because if you were ever looking for a blackened plum nail polish this is it. It is super dark, almost maybe too dark to see the plum sometimes. The subtle plummy undertones make this polish really unique and help to keep things feeling fall-y. 

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