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The MUG Cheek Products I Won't Stop Using

The MUG Cheek Products I Won't Stop Using

MUG contour blush

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I feel like over time my general tastes in makeup hasn't changed that much. I still like a champagne-y golden eye, a bright lip, and lots of mascara. But in the last, I don't know, four months or so (eh?) my blush and contour preferences pretty much flew out the window. 

I used to be such a die hard fan of bright blushes, and I guess I still am, just not to the same extent. Maybe I'm just getting more refined and classy (old and boring) in my tastes. Anyway, since I've had this blush/contour switcheroo I've been leaning on the same four Makeup Geek products to get the job done. 

MUG Blush

I feel like we should start first by talking about the quality of each individual product, but all of them are the same. Literally the whole blush and contour lines were freaky consistent. They are all medium pigmented, which is good so you don't overdo it, very soft, blendable, etc etc. They are a dream to work with, mmkay? Mmkay. 

Each pan is ten bucks a pop which is a real steal for something this good. It's a little bit more to get it in a compact, because I know that not everyone has like a zillion Z Palettes lying around just waiting to be filled up. But the compact is really nice, it's heavy, and metal, and has a nice magnetic closure. 


So the two contour powders that have been giving my face life are *Breakup and *Complicated. And I use them both in totally different ways so I feel like it's justified to have two contour products in my daily makeup bag. I always start with *Complicated, the darker one, to warm up my face. Kinda like a bronzer, but not quite. I use a duo fiber face brush so I don't get too wild with the darker color, and apply around the outline of my face and on the center of my nose. This helps make me look less like an inside person, and more like I've seen the great outdoors this summer. 

I then go in with *Breakup to do the normal contouring. I use a little duo fiber face brush this time to work a little bit of angle into my cheekbones. If I'm feeling like really getting glammed up, I'll contour my nose too but TBH I usually just stick to my cheekbones. This combo works best for me because my face needs that warmth but to actually get a good shadow going the lighter, cooler color works best. It's the Hannah Montana combo. 


For blush I go back and forth between *Main Squeeze and *Heart Throb depending on my mood. When I'm in the mood for something pretty and bright, I go for *Main Squeeze. It's a gorgeous pinky peach that adds a lot of warmth and excitement to my face. When I want to keep things a little more understated, I go for *Heart Throb. It's more of a subdued dusky peach that reads a lot more classic and professional. They look pretty similar in the pans but they are totally different once they get on the cheeks which is some kind of magic, I tell you. 

What are your favorite blush and contour?

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