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The Makeup That Will Last Through Your Thanksgiving Feasting

The Makeup That Will Last Through Your Thanksgiving Feasting

So you'll still look cute when you get the meat sweats.

Makeup to wear on thanksgiving

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The big (turkey) day is almost very nearly already here tomorrow! Whilst doing my Thanksgiving day prep (we're hosting this year and also my apartment is a mess so busy day today) I thought I'd take a little break and chat with you about the makeup I have planned to wear tomorrow. 

I mean, as much as I love food, I can't just prepare it all day long. I need to chat about my other life passions like makeup and Harry Potter. Have you seen Fantastic Beasts, by the way? I loved it. 

Grab your pens and paper, friends, because this is going to be a long one filled with all kinds of hot tips for getting your makeup to last from the turkey to your secret midnight pumpkin pie. 

Makeup to wear on thanksgiving


I feel like Thanksgiving should have the fall-y-ist makeup of all the holidays, but I'm already in gear for Christmas. Because the coldest season is already on the mind, I'm going for my dewyist base so I can feel at least somewhat fresh faced.

But the major, number one disadvantage to a dewy base is that with the chatting and the wine and the gravy it's going to get too oily too quickly. To solve that little snaggle, I've broken out my long lasting base survival kit.

First step is to apply a primer. My favorite, of course, is Benefit's The Porefessional. It helps those of us with larger pores and oily skin to have a flawless base to put your foundation on. 

And that foundation is the CoverGirl Clean Sensitive Foundation.

Man, do I love this stuff. I wrote a whole review of this foundation over on xoVain during the summer and it's still my favorite skin-like dewy-ish foundation. It's easy peasy to apply and blend with fingers but for ultimate dewy coverage I've broken out the trusty ol' Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. The damp sponge does it's job to cover your skin perfectly with that flawless finish you can really only get from a sponge, you know?

Then to conceal what needs concealing, I've got a high powered mini concealer in the form of the *Stowaway Cosmetics Concealer. This has the power to cover my eye bags, nose redness, and any little odd spots. It's a real winner from the line. I like to pat it on with a finger and then go over it again with the sponge to really mesh it together with the foundation.

OK. Last base steps. And this is actually last step for makeup, total. So sorry it's kind of in the first chunk, but whatever, it makes sense to put it with the base stuff.

When all the makeuping is done I like to shellac it in place with the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. It's a bit dewy of a finish so it isn't going to mess up your dewy foundation. Then on top to keep any oil at bay I like to apply a light little dusting of translucent powder. I'm going with the *Japonesque Velvet Touch Finishing Powder because it's so soft and not too matte. 

Makeup to wear on thanksgiving


I'm keeping the eyes simple because they'll be all big and glazed over from all the tryptophan anyway. Plus, when you have a food baby and you just want to take a nap, who want's to take off a big eye makeup look, right?

I'm putting down a shimmering medium bronzy base with Colourpop Amaze. It's amazin. The glitter is real with this one so you'll still have a lewk on the eyes. 

On top of that amazing creamy eyeshadow, I'll be dusting on a bit of the Kiko Water Eyeshadow in Champagne

Then I'm topping it off with a bam in your face voluminous mascara. I like the *Pur Fully Charged Mascara because it gives volume without being too much. 

Why bother to layer up two eyeshadows of nearly the same shade, I hear you asking? It's to stick everything in place. The Colourpop eyeshadow is working essentially as a primer. A very pretty primer that will make a difference in the eye look, but a primer nonetheless. Adding the powder on top will help to hold it in place so your eye makeup will actually last. 

Makeup to wear on thanksgiving


I know you probably don't need an extra flush while you are stuffing your face, but adding a little color and shimmer can help you look like a little cherub instead of Smeagol eating a fish.

So we're doubling up here just like on the eyes so the makeup can stick around.  First order of attack is Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Never Been Kissed. I seriously love this blush. You can't even see the cute colourpop logo on the lid because I've used it so much. 

Anyway, apply that blush to the apples of your cheeks, blending upwards. Then on top dust a little bit of Dior Diorskin Shimmer Star in Rose Diamond. You'll feel like a fancy lady and also your cheeks/cheekbones will shine like they were always destined to shine. This highlighter is the bomb, you can read my full review here

Makeup to wear on thanksgiving


Finally. Gotta love a good lip for any holiday. Now you would think that because we've diluted Thanksgiving down to a holiday where we just stuff our faces all day, that you wouldn't want to wear a bold lip.

And I mostly agree but what if you're doing something cool like a Thanksgiving party with just a snack bowl and not a big sit down meal? You'll def. want a bold lip for that. So, for those who aren't going to spend the entire day cooking, eating, and drinking, your best bet is the *Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipsticks. I've got *Girl Gang here for you because it's my favorite, but the formula is mad consistent, so you'll be good with any color choice.

It will stick on well for most snacking and drinking, just not a whole lot of face stuffing. Nam sayin?

For the rest of us who will be focusing on food for the day, a lighter lip stain is best. I've got the *YSL Tint In Oil in #6 which is best for these purposes. The YSL tint in oils don't have a crazy amount of color to them, so choose a darker shade if you want it to really show up. Number 6 is the best peachy pink shade and I wear it at least twice a week.

These stains start off glossy, so when you're still schmoozing your lips will shine as gourd intended. But like all good glosses, the shine must come to an end eventually and when it does you'll have a cute stain left over that will carry you through the rest of the meal. See? I knew this was the perfect lip for Thanksgiving. 

What are your Thanksgiving makeup plans?

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