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Moisturizer For Face And Bod To Throw On After Spending 14 Hours Traveling

Moisturizer For Face And Bod To Throw On After Spending 14 Hours Traveling

Because, trust me, you'll need it. 

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I’m currently writing this in the car, looking at about half of this stuff, and doing my best to type to you without getting carsick. Because I’m dedicated to my craft. And also it takes a good 14 hours to drive from New Orleans to my parents. I’ve got some time, you see. 

Any travel you do is going to jack up your skin. Well, not like an hour drive or something. So, let's revise that to any long haul traveling is going to jack up your skin. It doesn’t matter if you are driving or flying or … sailing…? Do people still do that? A day of extended travel is tough on your bod and skin. I’d rather, you know, not do it, but it’s that or not see my fam so, gotta do what you gotta do. 

Anyway. When you’re traveling you get a lot of heated/cooled/recycled air blasting you in the face and drying you the hell out. And when this happens, you need the moisture. The moisture needs you. It’s CRITICAL, basically. 

Moisturizer for face | travel moisturizer

In Transit Hydrators

And there are actually a few things you can do while/during traveling. If you’re chill with wigging out your fellow passengers feel free to pamper your face the whole journey if you aren’t capitan-ing yourself. 

For me, Dave and I trade back and forth who is actually driving and then when I’m not driving, I at least try to get some work done. So I’m not really in the face masking while traveling troup, ja feel? 

Instead, I keep my car hydrators pretty simple and focus on the face, lips, and hands. Basics, you know. For the face I like a simple spray thingy. It’s good for spritzing when you feel dry, tired, or when you need to pretend you're in France for a minute. I got this lil babe from the L'Occitane advent calendar. It’s the essential water so you know you need it. It’s essential. It smells nice, it’s hydrating and It can keep me slightly more functional so I’m all about it.

For lips I can’t go a day without using the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. I apply it much more often than every 8 hours because I’m an overachiever. It’s glossy, so your hair will get all stuck in it if you’re head banging your way across the interstate but I don’t generally mind it. I like that it is both a hydrator and a lip seal-er so it keeps that hydration in check. 

And finally, for hands, I like to keep a mini lotion. Maybe it’s the air, or the winter, or my own hand dryness, but for whatever reason, I need to lotion my hands a few times a day. Now normally, I wouldn’t recommend specifically going out and buying a mini lotion because the value for money just isn’t there. But, when you are doing a long haul travel it’s really nice to have a lotion you like a lot in a packaging that doesn’t take up your whole activity bag. This little floral guy is ALSO from that L'Occitane advent calendar (handy little bugger, wasn’t it).

moisturizer for face | post traveling moisturizer for face

Home Hydrators

BUT when you get home you’ll probably also want to keep that moisturization train running on time because keeping things at par in the car will only get you so far. God. Sorry about that one. 

So when I’m done galavanting up and down the country I like to make three changes to my standard skincare routine. First thing is adding the moisture right back into my face. The spray, it’s nice and all but it doesn’t do miracles. So, to get my face tune on point I add the Hydraluron serum back on into my skincare routine. I haven’t been using it as much since I’ve been working from home. I just don’t find that I get as dehydrated as I did working in an office.

So, hydraluron in as my serum and I like to get all fancy and use a sheet mask. I have two favorites the My Beauty Diary Hyaluronic Acid Masks, which you can read about on xoVain. The other is the *Belif Aqua Bomb Sheet Mask. Which is, as the name says, the bomb. This mask is truly the most hydrating thing that has ever graced my face. It makes my skin seriously plump which isn't something I've ever thought I needed, but apparently I do. 

Last is for the rest of my body I coat myself in a good inch thick layer of the CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion. I'm actually toying around right this very second with using body oils instead of lotions, so I'll get back to you on that one. But, for good old trustworthy bog standard lotion, CeraVe has your back.

What do you do to add moisture back into your skin?

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