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The 6 Products You Need For Super Silky Hair

The 6 Products You Need For Super Silky Hair

As evidenced by my very own silky smooth hair

Super smooth hair products

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I know I do a lot of horn tooting around these parts. But, I mean, it's a personal blog. I feel like it's my one true outlet to talk about how great I am on a nearly daily basis. 

Anyway, because I've got an approximate knowledge of many things I can generally figure out how to get my desired hair results without a lot of effort.  But. Them bangs tho. They've caused a lot of shenanigans with my hair. I need to actually blow dry to style my bangs on a daily (and the rest on an every other daily) basis. 

And what comes with blow drying your hair everyday and never ever getting professional haircuts except for maybe once every other year? Breaking ends. And non-stop fly aways. 

I've been in fly-away city for like two months now (more like forever, let's be real) but I've finally locked them down. Here's how.

Getting Smooth Hair And The Products You Need To Do It

How to get silky smooth hair
Silky Smooth Hair

1. Gently Scrunch Dry 

Ok. So the first product you need isn't really like a product-product. It's a washcloth. I've been a towel-scruncher for a while now but I still used to use a essentially a turbie twist towel to hold all my hair while I ... I don't know? Did other stuff till my hair was kind of dry?

Either way, I don't do that any more and I just squeeze out the water from my hair with an old cotton wash cloth. You could argue that an old cotton tee shirt is probably better/less rough but, like, what are you supposed to do with a sopping wet old tee shirt? Hang it in the shower and have it get all stinky? No thanks, washcloths it is. 

2. Heat Protection

Protect yo' self before you wreck yo' self, friends. Especially if you're blow drying on the reg. I've been using the same heat protection since the beginning of time and I've never gotten nasty fried ends so proof's in the pudding. My heat protectant of choice is the TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Leave In Spray

Just spritz around your hair and if you're feeling fancy, comb it through with a wide tooth comb. It's like you're a hair professional or something. 

3. Smoothing Serum

Ok. So this is the meaty part. This is where your hair can go from ok I guess it's smooth-ish to wow look at her with her smooth hair. It's the magic, people! Serums. I never regularly used hair serums but once I finally started my hair was shocked at itself for how GD nice it looked.

The first serum type product I used I wrote about over on xoVain ages ago, but it's still a favorite. The *Bumble and Bumble BB Straight is like a serum/hair cream hybrid. The scent is strong and kind of floral but kind of masculine at the same time? It smells fancy which I'm all about. This is going to leave your hair nice and light and swishy but it doesn't bring the shine like the next two. 

Nope, the next ones are shine queens. Like, your hair is not going to get shinier than it is when you use these. The L'Oreal Smooth Intense Frizz Taming Serum and *CHI Silk Infusion are both on par for being really, really similar (totally different scents though, why is it that CHI products smell like a high school guy? I just don't get it). Anyway, use a pea-ish-sized drop for medium length hair to make it shiny as all get out and tame any fly-aways. The one little thing I don't love-love about these serums is that if you use even the tiniest bit too much your hair will look greasy. You've been warned. 

4. Blow Dry

One of these days I'll do a lil' something all about how I blow dry my hair. But for now I'll leave you with this teaser. I use the shmancy *CHI Touch 2 Touch Screen Hair Dryer and I blow dry angling down from my roots. I used to just rough blow dry all my hair and look like a literal lion when I'm done.

Now I use a half ounce more of my brain in the morning to angle the dryer to get sleeeeek hair. I don't use a round brush or anything because that's still well outside my hand-eye coordination (+ reflected in the mirror? It's a recipe for disaster) for the early morning. 

5. Hairspray

So, hairspray. I used to Hate hairspray. Capital H Hate, guys. I mean, now I don't love it but I see it's purpose and use it when need be. On particularly windy and humid days (um, so like whenever I go outside) I just just a little baby spritz of *Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Anti-Humidity Hairspray. But really, just like a baby spritz and then I use a hand to smooth down any fly-aways that have popped up while the hairspray is still wet.

Luckily this hairspray doesn't suck so you can use it and won't give gross, crunchy, hairspray-hair. So it's got that going for it, which is nice. I'm still not super into the whole hairspray phenom but it does the job so I'll use it when I've gotta. 

How do you get smooth hair?

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