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BioClarity Acne Treatment System In Depth Review

BioClarity Acne Treatment System In Depth Review

Everything you need to know about the new three step system.

This post is sponsored by BioClarity. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I feel like every day there is a new skincare thang to become obsessed with. Right now every blogger and their brother is talking about the *BioClarity Acne Treatment Three Step System. It's the soothing new take on the stripping, drying three step systems of the early aughts. The whole shtick with BioClarity is that unlike your average three-ish step system, this one will keep your skin happier without using "harsh chemicals". I've been testing out this system for a few weeks now and I've got all the details you need to know. 

The three step system is pretty easy, cleanse, treat acne, and hydrate. The whole three step system rings in at $29.95 for a ~ month's supply although honestly I think you could probably eek out a bit longer than that. 

 The Cleanser, acne treatment, and moisturizer.

The Cleanser, acne treatment, and moisturizer.

The Cleanser

First things first, the cleanser. This is your standard foaming cleanser with a few new tricks up its sleeve. Let's start with the first lil' shocker: it's perfectly crystal clear. Look at the photo below, it's like a drop of water on my hand it's that clear. 

Ordinarily I'd say to avoid foaming cleansers if you have dry or sensitive skin because they're usually pretty drying and leave your skin feelin' parched. This cleanser, on the other hand, is not so bad in the whole drying department. Obviously it isn't going to be hydrating, but it doesn't leave your skin crying out for moisture either. It basically feels like you've done the whole cute skincare commercial thing where you wash your face then splash it with water and look like a flawless, makeup free childstar. 

I suggest sudsing up a dollop in your hands and cleansing your face (post makeup removal at night) with the foam. This makes extra-sure that you won't strip your skin. Then you can easily rinse off with a little water to get all that foam off your face (with or without the water splash look to camera).

The cleanser includes green tea, chamomile, and cucumber extracts to keep your skin soothed and calm while you remove the day's layer of dirt. I'm all about cucumber in skincare lately because my skin loves it! It's both hydrating and calming and you can feel all day-spa about it. There is no strong scent to go along with the cleanser and obviously no dye so it should be pretty allergy friendly.

The Acne Treatment

Okay, now here's the part that doesn't really work for me. And I know, this is an acne clearing system ideally the acne treatment should work wonders. But the problem here is that my skin is just not a fan of salicylic acid which is the main acne fighter in this acne treatment. I think a lot of it is down to the fact that my skin just prefers (or responds more to) AHA's over BHA's like salicylic acid. It's not their fault, it's just a matter of different strokes for different folks.

For those who respond well to salicylic acid (which basically keeps the pores from getting clogged and causing acne) you'll probably do well with this guy. It clocks in at 2% which should do the job without totally aggravating your skin. If you're unsure how your skin reacts with salicylic acid try a thin layer every other night and work your way up to twice a day applications. Let the acne treatment totally dry before doing step three. 

The Moisturizer

Here is where things get really interesting. The moisturizer, or should I say Restore Gel with Floralux (TM), is THE game changer of this three step system. It's my favorite thing of this whole lineup. 

It boasts the Floralux ingredient which is basically a compound of chlorophyll (the stuff that makes plants green) to help reduce redness and irritation. The green color probably doesn't hurt on the redness front either. Chlorophyll is an anti-inflammatory (pimples have a lot of inflammation), it's high in antioxidants, and is supposed to help wound healing which should be great for active acne. There is also licorice root which gives the moisturizer a peppermint-free cooling feeling on the skin. 

It's a gel style moisturizer which is my favorite, and is seriously light which is great for oily skin types. You get a pump applicator (the best thing ever) and you'll probably need at least a pump and a half to two pumps to cover your whole face and neck. I find that this moisturizer sinks in immediately and is perfect under makeup because it won't make your skin too dewy (oily, ahem) right off the bat. 

For those with dry skin this moisturizer may not be enough for your day to day needs but would probably sit nicely underneath another thicker moisturizer at night. 

The reason I like this moisturizer so much is because it's just enough hydration to get you through the day without feeling slimy. There is nothing worse than the 10 AM oil slick feeling. With just enough hydration my skin feels chill throughout the day, not weighed down or heavy. 

Overall Thoughts

If I was in my teens dealing with acne, oily, and sensitive skin I would be ON this system like nobodies business. I feel like at that age I tried just about every three step system available from Clinique to Proactiv to Clearasil. All of them dried out my skin or aggravated my sensitive skin. Inflamed, irritated skin with acne? Not a lot of fun let me tell you. This system is overall pretty darn gentle and soothing so it shouldn't bother sensitive skin (YMMV as always). 

But, for me right now I like to revel in my ten step skincare routine. I've added the BioClarity cleanser and moisturizer into my long daily routine right now and I'm digging it! The closer I get to 30 (!!!) the more concerned I get about anti-aging skincare so I like to have baby-fresh-new-skin products mixed in, even though I still deal with acne. 

And that is really where I stand on this BioClarity Acne Treatment System. I think it would be great for younger skin, and it's still good for twenty somethings to add into a more extensive skincare routine. It's also great for gals on the go because all the products clock in at under 100 mL making them all airplane ready. 

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