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The Body Moisturizer Your Dry Skin Needs Right About Now

The Body Moisturizer Your Dry Skin Needs Right About Now

Because LAWD when did my legs get chapped?

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OMG. So winter finally hit New Orleans. I'm writing this wrapped up in my fleece robe with my slippers on and an extra blanket. Man, it's COLD. And cold weather tends to suck all the moisture out of the air. It's science, or something like that. 

You could help your skin by getting a humidifier and sitting next to it all day. But, I'm weirdly scared that using a humidifier in New Orleans (where it is humid all the time) is an act against Mother Nature and my walls will get moldy or something.  

So instead I'm battling the cold and the resulting dry skin the old fashioned way. With a plethora of body moisturizers. I've been going HAM lately on trying to keep my moisture levels up so my skin can look good-ish. And I'm not going to lie, it can be a struggle in winter. But luckily I've been practicing, so here's the best ways to moisturize your bod this winter. 


I'm sure it will come as zero surprise that I'm suggesting you exfoliate that dry, dead skin off first. I know it's gross and you get gross old skin scum on your shower but it's better than chilling out on your skin right? During the winter when my skin cells like to stick close and huddle for warmth, they tend to not turn over the way they should. When things get really bad and my bod starts looking scaly, I bust out the triple threat.

First up, pre-shower, I dry brush.  And it does kind of suck, I'm not going to lie. For whatever reason my bathroom isn't hooked up to my heating system (which for 80% of the year is fine) but right now it's flippin freezing. But, whatever, I'll be cold for two minutes while the water heats up. I just use a dry brush from The Body Shop to brush up and down my arms and legs to start exfoliating. 

Next, in shower I scrub a dub dub with a particularly rough wash cloth. I used to go ham with a loofa and then I learned that loofas are basically giant bacteria pits that are trying to kill you through your skin. So I tossed mine and now I use washcloths because I can, you know, wash them. 

Finally I hit it with my pumice stone. Obvs, feet only because can you imagine using a pumice stone on the rest of your skin? OMG. I do this last so my feet can get all nice and hydrated in the shower, I find it helps in the whole exfoliating process. 

Light Moisture 

For days when it doesn't feel like your skin is actively trying to fight you, I say go for oil. Well, just grapeseed oil, because it's super light. Other oils (olive, coconut, etc) are heavy and feel greasy and don't really sink in on a post shower body. Grapeseed oil, on the other hand, is super light, and loves you, and thinks you're really special. So you can slather it on and it sinks in before you get all slippery and fall down in the shower. Oh! And it's super cheap too, you can get a supply to last you probably like four months for maybe $10. 

Medium Moisture 

For days when you feel like your skin is probably going to be itchy, try an in shower body moisturizer. My favorite is the *Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner but it's pricy so I don't blame you if you don't want to buy it. The scent is my favorite from Lush though, so if you're feeling like treating yourself this is a great one. Until then we can all pray together that Lush may finally get around to making candles so you can enjoy the scents without having to actively be in the bath. A girl can dream.

If Lush is too pricey, try out one of the drugstore options. I've tried a bunch of in shower body moisturizers, and (after Lush) the *Olay Quench In Shower Body Lotion is your next best bet. It's not quite as moisturizing, and it doesn't smell nearly as good, but it gets the job done for like a quarter of the price. 

Lots-a Moisture

For days when you need to break out the big guns, The Body Shop's Body Butters can not be beat. They have a zillion scents so you'll find one that works for you. Right now I'm nursing this old raspberry one, but you can't go wrong with the *green tea line, or the satsuma one, or I guess olive if you're feeling savory. I always try to apply body butter when I get out of the shower and my skin is still moist so it can seal it all in. I'll even use this to top up my feet/knees/elbows when I'm using a different moisturizer. 

Bonus: Tan

If you're feeling gross and have the winter blues, I can't tell you how good it feels to have just like a whisper of a tan for a minute. The *Vita Liberata Self Tan Dry Oil is one of those that gives you the instant bronze while doing the gradual tan at the same time. And it's an oil! So you get all moisturized too. I've been using this just every once in awhile to get a little bit of glow on my limbs. You can apply with your hands or use a tanning mitt so you don't get oompa loompa hands. 

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