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How I Bullet Journal in My Filofax

How I Bullet Journal in My Filofax

Let's combine some organizing methods.

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Why would you want to bullet journal in a filofax? Well, it's a bit complicated, but just know I tried. I tried in vain for months to get into bullet journaling. It's just so cool if you're an organizing nerd and a creative like me. It's totally free form! You can make the agenda of your dreams, to your specifications! But lawd after trying to make it work and being disappointed week after week with different layout attempts, different fun pages (books to read! blog wish list!), and my spectacularly bad handwriting, I just had to give it up. I can't help it I just want to rip out the page from the week before, before starting on the current week. 

This is why I finally put two and two together to bullet journal in my filofax. It's super simple and gives me the flexibility I couldn't get from a bullet journal. That's right. I said this is MORE flexible. 

I just hate looking at past weeks in my planner. I always have. I know it's useful to have, I know it's a nice memento, I know it can even work like a diary. But still. So to make my out with the old in with the new brain happy bullet journaling in my filofax just works for me. I can take out the old pages and move on with my life.

My filo is the Filofax Original Personal Size in Burnt Orange. I thought it would be a bit more orangey-red than orange-orange but it works.

In my filofax I keep different sections that are all very useful for my regular every day life, but maybe I don't literally look at every day. The five sections were (before this bullet journaling progress) as such:

  1. Calendars (year on one page and monthly for the full year)
  2. Blog stuff
  3. Work/Freelance stuff
  4. Wedding stuff
  5. Notes/Contacts
  6. Extra papers

Now I have a little daily to do section right in between the calendar and blog stuff section (the extra papers don't get their own section any more, sorry). I just filed a few extra sheets in every section so there's some wiggle room and so I didn't need to make new dividers, honestly. 

In that new section I use a modified bullet journaling method that works really well for me. So yes, this isn't transforming my entire filofax into a bullet journal, which would be cool, it's just the one section. 

Every week gets a two page spread layout. It's not actually pages though, because the right hand side is switched out every day, we'll get to that in a second.

On the left hand side I have a simple lined paper that I write out the days of the week (and dates). This side I can jot down any meetings, deadlines, blog posts, whatever. Anything that has to get done on a specific day that week gets written down so it's not forgotten when we actually get there. 

On the other side I have grid paper to get vaguely bullet journal-y with it. You can print free graph paper or dot grids (the site I like is Gridzzly, it's customizable!) or this cool day on a page paper. I use this side daily with my plans for the day. This is when I can really get into the bullet journaling spirit and create boxes, banners, number things, and obviously create a bulleted list. At the end of the day I just flip the page over so it isn't quite as wasteful, then when the page is totally used up I toss it in the recycle.

This gives me the freedom I need to organize creatively without getting frustrated with an actual bullet journal. Trust me your life is much easier when you aren't counting dots to create a monthly calendar. You can just print it right on out. 

How do you keep yourself organized?

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