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What I Got For Christmas

What I Got For Christmas

The hopefully not super cringy version.

What I Got For Christmas | Mercuteify

This post contains gifted items, obviously. 

Ugh. Ok. So, I’m well aware that these types of posts are both beloved and frowned upon and I’ve never done one before. BUT I did get some pretty cool beauty bits this Christmas that I know you’d also like to get all heart eye emoji all over. 

So, instead of going through every single thing I got (a cast iron skillet, socks, and one very nice spoon were also involved this Christmas) we’re just going to cover the beauty related items. Kay? Kay. 

Harry Potter Makeup Wands | Storybook Cosmetics | geeky beauty | Mercuteify

Magic Brushes

First things first. Grab your snitches because HOLY POTTER LOOK. Dave’s Grandma, babe that she is, managed to get me the Storybook Cosmetics Harry Potter themed makeup brush wands. YES. I mean, was there ever a product that could more accurately reflect my interests? I think not. 

Harry Potter paraphernalia aside these guys are sturdy. Like a muscular person, or a tree. The wand-y bit on the bottom is heavy but not in an imbalanced way. Oh, and the bristles? Super soft. I’ve yet to wash them so jury is out on that but LOOK SO PRETTY. VERY HARRY POTTER. GOOD. It looks like these specific guys are no longer available, but they are doing a new run of different wands so watch out if you're interested, they go fast. 

Tarte X Grav3yard palette | Neutral eyeshadow | christmas gifts | mercuteify
fall makeup | fall eyeshadow | burgundy makeup | winged liner | cat eyeliner | mercuteify

The Palette

And to go along with the wands I received the Tarte X Grav3yardgirl Swamp Queen Palette. Which, yes, I will do some kind of review/video shenanigans with. Now, personally I’ve never really watched Bunny besides peripherally knowing who she is. But look how pretty this palette is! So many colors you can actually use. And the mirror is GIANT in that very useful, big mirror sort of way. 

I've been loving the top row of shadows so far (you can see me wearing it in that photo right up there) and the highlighter. The highlighter may just be my very favorite part because it is so bright and glittery but not in a tacky way. It's great. 

color club nail polish | Holo | pink holographic nail polish | Mercuteify

Holo Unicorn Nail Polish

How about this nail polish friends? It’s pink holographic and basically perfect in every way. It’s the Color Club nail polish in Sidewalk Psychic. Considering the vast numbers of actual sidewalk psychics in New Orleans, the name alone would have sold it for me. But, the color is so perfect I'm still not totally over it yet. I was so freaking taken by this polish that I put it in my purse so I would make sure I wouldn’t lose or break it on my way back, for real.

I was wearing glitter polish at the time I took these photos and didn't want to take that off because, glitter polish man. Too much effort. But I've been wearing this polish the last few days now and I keep not getting work done because I'm too busy posting snaps of this polish on my insta stories

Anyway, I'm thinking of investing in holo nail polish for my general health and well being. 

I hope you had a happy holiday season and that you can celebrate all the little material things along with spending time with family and more sugar and carbs than you are accustomed to. Here's to a hopefully not as bad as we're expecting 2017 (fingers crossed)!

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