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Non-Awful MUG Pink Eyeshadow Palette For Valentine's Day

Non-Awful MUG Pink Eyeshadow Palette For Valentine's Day

And some red makeup to pair it up with.

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You know those OTT, holiday themed makeup palettes that are gaudy as all hell and make you cringe a bit? This is a tonic for that. I figure we're just a day out from Valentine's Day, it's time to make a DIY soft pink eyeshadow palette using some Makeup Geek favorites. Because your Valentine's Day makeup doesn't actually need to be heart shaped to wear it. Shock horror. 

I love pink eye makeup because it's a lot more low key than the straight up red makeup trend that pops up every now and again. And, I like to think that it brings out the green color in my eyes. Opposites attract and all that. Pink is obviously going to be a cute color on everyone, especially around Valentine's Day. Even if you hate the holiday (I don't, honestly) you can't go wrong with some blush tones, right?

In general I like to structure my DIY eyeshadow palettes with nine shades, same thing obviously applies with this pink eyeshadow palette. Three light shimmering shades that you can use in the inner corner or on the lid, three blending/transition/crease shades, and three darker, bolder shades. Just so we're all on the same page on this thing. I like this set up this way so I'll have a good variety of options to make different looks. And, I don't know, symmetry?

Either way, all these shadows are from Makeup Geek because they are babes and their shadows are cheap but so, so good. I also made a handy dandy little graphic down there for you that puts the names on the actual shadows like this is pinterest or something. Let's get to it!

Highlight Eyeshadow Shades

For the pink-ish bright shades I had to go with Shimma Shimma, *Nostalgic, and *Mai Tai. Shimma shimma is one of my all time favorite highlight shades from Makeup Geek because it's so perfectly neutral. It's shiny but not metallic, easy to blend, and is really versatile. For a long time it was my everyday go-to for my inner corner, but I also like to dab it right on the center of my lids for a pop of brightness.

Which is exactly why I put in the next shade, *Nostalgic. This looks far more pink in the pan but it's got more of a cool toned silver metallic-y finish when applied. Which obviously means I love it. The pink is just there enough to keep this shade from getting all ice queen on you, but it's still a Look when you wear it. You can apply this one dry for a diffused pinky look, with a firm brush for that silvery look, or with a wet brush for an intense metallic shine.

Last bright shade is *Mai Tai. It's one of the few warm tones in this palette but I feel like it fits in well. It's those pesky peach undertones that make it into the red headed step child but I love it nonetheless. This shade is a duochrome and it flits between the light pink-ish orange shade you see in the pan to a delightful purple-pink. If you wanted to get real lazy with your look, this is a great shade to slap all over the lid, blend it out, and be on your way. Which, NGL, I do on the regular. 

Crease Eyeshadow Shades

I went all matte with my crease shades in this one so there is a nice contrast with all those shimmers. Makeup Geek matte eyeshadows aren't Gods gift to makeup like their shimmery shades are, let's be honest. But they do the trick for five bucks so not a whole lot of room to complain. In a dream world, these guys would be just as buttery and soft as, say, the Urban Decay matte eyeshadows, but you can't always get what you want. You can eek out more pigment with these matte shadows by changing up your eyeshadow primer.

The shades for some pink Valentine's Day Goodness are *Tuscan Sun, *Peach Smoothie, and *Bake Sale. Only one of which is pink, for variety's sake. Let's actually start with the non-pinks, *Peach Smoothie and *Bake Sale. Both of these are go-tos for starting off a look. I always like to put a light transition shade into the crease before doing anything else because it makes the whole look easier to blend later. I have *Peach Smoothie in there for a lighter, warmer take, and Bake Sale for a cooler more eye-contour way about it.

But, for something really special, I threw in *Tuscan Sun. This shade is the perfect cool-ish salmon that I ever did see. It's just bright enough not to be a darker rose shade and it looks really gorgeous smudged into the lash line. Actually, this shade would also make a gorgeous blush, don't you think?

Defining Eyeshadow Shades

Last up we have the defining shades. These are the ones that take the palette from day time appropriate, any old palette, and make it something special. I've actually got three different textures here, depending on what kind of look you are going for. The first, most tame shade of the bunch is *Anarchy. It's a satin finish which is kind of unusual but it has just enough shimmer to keep it from being matte. The shade itself is gorgeous and a great stepping stone if you're all wigged out about wearing red eyeshadows. It's a berry toned burgundy shade that has just enough purple to make it easy to wear.

Next two shades are much more dramatic. *Curtain Call is a bright cranberry red with a metallic finish and *Corrupt is your standard matte black. I like to use both of these shades as a smoky liner, depending on what kind of look I'm going for. If you want a Valentine's-Day-love-fest pink look, I'd use pinks all over the eyes and *Curtain Call for liner. For something a little more low key, I'd have just one pink shade and use *Corrupt as a liner. That overall look would be much more sultry than Barbie.

If using eyeshadow as eyeliner is way too much, use the *Full Spectrum Liner in Plumeria instead of *Curtain Call. It doesn't have that gorgeous metallic finish, but it is super pigmented and easy to apply. I wore it in this fall-ish makeup look I did this winter

Red Lip Add Ons

Okay, before we head out, I had to toss in a few red lip picks to even things out. I love the look of a soft pink eye and a punchy red lip (very Lily Collins). Or vice versa!

For that punchy red lip option I've got the *Makeup Geek Iconic Lipstick in Feisty. It's a matte that is dark enough not to read as a cherry red, but not so dark that it's vampy. I love it. It's also a blue toned red so it will make your teeth look nice and white, which is always nice. It's one of those standard reds you need to have.

I've got two glosses, both from Clarins. Which, I know, a bit too matchy matchy, but in my defense Clarins really does make my favorite lip glosses. Okay, so first one is the *Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in #12. Which is, supposedly limited edition, but it's been available for what feels like almost a year so make of that what you will. It's slightly more sheer than the next pick and makes your lips look seriously amazing and plump. It's that cool girl casual red lip (that's not really that red) choice.

The other gloss is the *Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in Red Berry. I know lip oils time to shine has kind of died out but this guy is still a winner. It's a sheer-ish (but more pigmented) super shiny red gloss. It always gives me millennial snow white vibes whenever I wear it. As glosses, both options don't last forever but they are easy to apply without a mirror so NBD.

Are you going all pink for Valentine's Day?

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