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My DIY Writing Desk for Small Spaces

My DIY Writing Desk for Small Spaces

It's literally one foot wide.


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Living and working from home is a blessing and a curse. You have to restrain from watching too much Netflix as background noise, promise, you feel cooped up, but you also get to justify upgrading your apartment because it's your office too, right? Our recent move threw off the proportions of a few larger pieces of furniture that we used daily. There was the bookshelf that was way too big and heavy that we now just don't have an open wall big enough for, and of course our double desk.

I never wrote a DIY for our double desk before because I could never get it quite right. The first legs we got were Waddell brand MCM inspired tapered legs that were too spindly for such a large desk. The next Ikea trestle style legs fixed the wobble issue but I just couldn't make them cute. 

But here we are in a new apartment that didn't fit the ol' extra long double desk anyway. What's a gal to do but build two new desks out of the old one.  


I'm only going to cover my little writing desk because it's A- way cuter, and B- anyone can put a tabletop on top of those Ikea legs. No real DIY necessary. 


The first issue with creating a writing desk for myself was space. Dave now has his smaller desk in the living room, but because he works there during the day and he has a regular desktop computer there isn't enough space for me to fit. Plus, having your own work space when two people are working from home together isn't just nice, it's a necessity. 

The only other space available, unless you count the kitchen, I guess, is the bedroom. I know there are all sorts of studies and things saying you really shouldn't do work in the bedroom because it can make you associate the bedroom with stress but you've gotta do what you've gotta do when you're working with limited space. 

The only open area of our bedroom was a section of wall right next to the closet. I've cropped it out of the photos but the door to the closet is right on the immediate right of the desk and the door to the bedroom on the left. This meant that my MCM writing desk had to account for both the closet and bedroom doors opening and closing. 

My forced dimensions: three feet long by one foot wide. Not exactly something you can find on Amazon.

This meant I had to create a desk if I wanted one. Luckily we still had the tapered table legs and leg plates from my previous desk adventure, so all I had to do was find a table top that fit.

Funnily enough, a 1X3 tabletop is not all that common. So, instead I had to head to a hardware store to find what I needed. Our local Lowes has a section of pre-cut wood in many different dimensions. I picked up a piece of wood exactly the right size for just a couple of bucks. A quick sand down and two coats of white paint and it was good to go.

I attached the legs and popped 'er into place!

In the future (in the Winter, when I'm visiting my parents and have access to my dad's workshop) I plan on making a fancier top for the desk. I'm thinking maybe painted reclaimed wood, maybe paint a pastel pattern and do a resin top, or maybe make a herringbone patterned top out of barn wood? The possibilities are endless. 

Until then I have a workspace that works!

Now to find the perfect chair that actually fits.

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