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Dressing For A Hot New Orleans Autumn

Dressing For A Hot New Orleans Autumn

Because it's still like 90 degrees.


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It's still hot as hell in New Orleans. There's really no other way to put it. Right now there are all these other southern style bloggers who are already in jeans, boots, and jackets and here I am boob sweating my way through one layer of a dress. What witchcraft antiperspirant do they use? I'm asking for a friend. Dressing for official autumn in New Orleans means a lot of using summer dresses in fall, for me at least. 

I kind of dig getting more use out of summer staples but it can be a little tricky when all I want to do is have it be like forty degrees cooler and cover myself in layers of fabric. 

All I'm saying is I need it below 85 degrees if I want to think about tossing an autumnal woolen skirt into the mix, let alone trousers and a sweater. 


Shibori Maxi Dress - Nordstrom (similar)

Purse - Madewell

Sandals - PONS Avarcas

My whole summer wardrobe in fall aesthetic has boiled down to mixing textures mostly with shoes and accessories. What says fall quite like using a backpack as your handbag? It's like back to school cuteness without the hassle of homework. That, and I like to bust out the maxi dresses and skirts. So long as they are made out of a light flowy fabric, that is.

Adding in leather accessories with my shoes and bags also helps to feel autumnal when I'm sweating profusely. I'm a huge fan of warm cognac brown shades because they work well with some of the brighter pieces in my summer wardrobe without being too summery in and of themselves. I can't imagine this working if they were all black, you know? It just feels off somehow. 

I've also been shaking up the hair and makeup situation to feel somewhat fall-y. I recently dyed my hair a shade or two darker which feels so right, and I've been wearing more tousled textures as opposed to my summer beachy waves. 

There are basically two hairstyles I've been gravitating towards lately, the half up bun situation, and the parted bangs.

To get the half up look I've been separating off the top section of my hair and french braiding it backwards. Once I reach the crown of my head where I want the bun to sit, I stop adding hair and I braid down to the ends. Then I just take the loose braid and coil it into a bun. Depending on how well behaved my hair is acting that day I can secure it with a hair tie or bobby pins. For the rest of my hair I've been adding shine and texture with the * Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray. Without curling my hair ahead of time this adds texture without the crunch a lot of salt sprays give. 

For the center part loose waves look I have to start off with wet hair. This allows me to get that perfectly straight center part and blow dry back so my bangs stay parted. I'd love to say it's very Alexa Chung, but it's probably more of a '90s curtain bang effect. When all of my hair is dry I'll go ahead and add in a few loose waves with my * GHD straightners. Instead of curling down the whole strand, I just add in a few bends here or there for a little more volume and texture.

In the shoppable widget below you can find a whole slew of the things I've been wearing or cuter options you can still find online.


Black and White Striped Dress - Target (similar)

Denim Backpack - Thrifted (similar)

Sunnies - Kenneth Cole (similar)

Huaraches - Similar


Blessed be the day when we finally hit the 70s. 

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