Engagement Nails To Wear When You're Pretty Sure A Proposal Is On The Way

Also, Hi! I got engaged. 

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Incase it wasn't glaringly obvious enough, I went and got myself engaged. Dave and I have been together for, God, six years and some change now. So, as my Dad said, it was a bit of a foregone conclusion that we would get hitched eventually. But it's still all exciting! I know this isn't necessarily a ~ lifestyle blog ~ so I won't get all soppy and I promise to keep it focused on the nail polish, but YAY!

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I had a feeling Dave was going to propose this month. Honestly I figured it would be closer to Christmas day so timing-wise it was a surprise. But, because I knew it was coming, and because I, A: already prefer to have my nails looking nice at all times, and B: knew I'd be taking flash the ring photos, I was getting a bit OTT about having the perfect subtle but pretty manicure the last few weeks. 

Like to the point that one little chip meant I would redo the whole manicure. Oh well, I say it was worth it in the end. 

Anyway. I'll be covering how to do the perfect at home manicure in a bit, but today we're here to chat about engagement nails colors. Because I'm pretty sure I'll be going for the same approach when we do engagement photos too. 

I looked on Pinterest (because I love pinterest right now) and everything that came up when you searched engagement nails was, um, I don't want to say tacky, but they were definitely not my style. Lots of gradient glitter going on. Not that you shouldn't do some kind of gradient glitter if that is what you like. But, if you're like me, you probably want something a little simpler or a little more chic. 

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I've been really into matte nails lately. I don't know what it is but I just feel like the matte texture looks really elegant. So, the theme of my nails for the month has been elegant and matte. 

I've also been veering towards light-ish colored nails because, I don't know, it just feels more engagement-y? I did a thing with Sally Hansen Creme De La Creme, but TBH it isn't the best cream colored polish out there. Deborah Lippmann has this gorgeous set of creamy cremé polishes that are way higher quality.

But then, out of thin air, like actual magic, I got the best idea for engagement nails. Matte rose gold. 

What?! It popped into my head and I absolutely had to figure out the combo to make it work because YAS. That combo, my friends, is OPI Nomad's Dream and the Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat

I love this combo for two reasons. First, Nomad's Dream is rose gold with extra emphasis on the rose. It's just such a flattering shade on so many skintones. Second, the Big Matte Top Coat isn't too matte. Also, to actually make the manicure last you'll want to pop on your usual glossy top coat before adding the matte top coat. I don't know why but matte top coats just don't seem to have as good of staying power. 

So I did two coats of Nomad's Dream, then one coat of Seche Vite, and when that was totally dry I went in with the Big Matte Top Coat. If you want the top coat to be more matte (this one is more velvety than a true matte) I'd say go for Essie's Matte About You Top Coat. That one is matte-matte. 

I think the reason I like a matte texture for engagement nails is because it leaves your nails looking refined and done up but it's not competing with, you know, the ring. The overall effect is pretty and classy and I love it. Check out the widget below for more engagement nails color ideas. 

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