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Fall Fashion Trends I Wish I Could Have Worn By Now

Fall Fashion Trends I Wish I Could Have Worn By Now

But I can't because it's still hot AF.

fall fashion trends 2017

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I know at this rate basically all I do is complain about the weather. But. It's still SO hot in New Orleans. Like, we're still in the 80s most days and I can't walk down to my favorite coffee shop without sweating through my top. It's not cute anymore. Seeing as it's fall for basically everyone else, I've been ogling many fall fashion trends. I'd love it if it were cool enough to wear a thin jacket with my favorite stripy dress, let alone a sweater. 

Keeping up with the trends, as it were, is one of my favorite things to do. I rarely jump straight in and actually buy them, but this year's fall fashion trends are so darn cute I'd actually wear them. I slapped together a few dream outfits that can show what I'd wear if I wouldn't die of heat stroke. 


1. Gray Checked Blazer

Can you just imagine rocking a masculine gray checked blazer all over town like you owned the place? UGH. I love oversized outerwear which is how I'd take this fall fashion trend.

I'm picturing it with an Audrey Hepburn Funny Face outfit underneath; black skinnies and a tight black turtleneck. But, instead of ballet flats, black sneakers instead to chill out a somewhat dressy (for me!) outfit.

I feel like old school classy black and gold fit well with this gray checked blazer so I kept the accessories/dream bag in that range.

Honestly I've been scouring the men's section of my local thrift stores hoping I find a gorgeous gray checked blazer but they've all been too wide for my frame. There's over size and there's clearly the wrong size, you know?

Anyway, if you want to drool all over a bunch of checkered blazers, scroll through the widget below.


2. Mustard Yellow

My heart for a yellow that doesn't make me look jaundiced. It's one of those colors that brings out all worst in my skin. I look extra yellow, my blue under eye bags look more blue. It's not great. 

If I could wear a sweater, and wear a mustard yellow sweater, I would do it all day every day. I feel like a cotton woven loose fitting sweater would be my go-to, but I just love a good cotton sweater. 

Or, maybe better yet, an extra long cardigan. That would be super cosy. Kinda '90s, but cozy nonetheless. 

Either way I'd pair it up with mid wash blue skinnies (I'm drooling over everlane's) and all black everything else. I'm feeling slide on sneakers at the moment, but if you wanted to dress it up a bit I'd go for classic black heels.

Take a swing through all the mustard yellow sweaters I'm eyeing up.

3. Sneakers

Can I have just a moment to talk about sneakers? This is my favorite trend of all time. They're comfortable, practical, and now they're even trendy? I'm thrilled. I look like a baby giraffe when I try to wear heels, so flats are my number one.


4. Velvet Midi Skirts

Wearing a long skirt with a bulky sweater is one of those blogger-y things that I love and still can't quite master. I know it's all in the tuck (to make sure you don't look like you're drowning in fabric) but it still eludes me.

So, instead of the perfectly tucked top, I picked a cropped sweater. Life's easier that way. 

If you're going for something as dramatic as a velvet midi skirt I feel like having the rest of your outfit toned down is a necessary evil. I love a statement piece, so the rest of this outfit makes you look at the skirt.

Making a mostly beige outfit look interesting is all down to mixing textures. Fuzzy sweater, smooth bag, suede shoes, and metallics do it for me. 

I'm lusting over a bunch of different velvet skirts you can see below.


5. Pom Pom Sweater

If I could buy and wear one outfit from this list right this very second it would be this one. I love a little bit of whimsy and this feels literally perfect. Plus it would match my instagram feed and I'm not above doing that.

A lot of pom pom sweaters I've seen have absolutely gi-frickin-normous poms sporadically placed and I can not handle it. 

This one, with the evenly spaced small poms is actually for kiddos. Which totally sucks. But, there are some cuties in the widget below with a reasonable pom ratio that I can handle.

I love a good sweater and leggings day. Do you remember the obsession everyone had with disco pants a few years back. It's basically that, but much more comfortable. I added black booties I'd love to have in my collection and the cutest envelope clutch I've ever seen.

Look at it. It's perfect. 

6. Envelope Bags

I'm totally on board for envelope bags. It's like a Hogwarts acceptance letter but make it fashion. Honestly if I thought I wouldn't totally trash a white bag in one day I'd get a white envelope clutch JUST to look like a literal letter. I've also been digging the silver one, above. My broke substitute is a little silvery zipper pouch I picked up from Target a zillion years ago.

What are your favorite fall trends this year? Let me know in the comments. 

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