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Top Favorites: Makeup Geek Iconic Lipstick

Top Favorites: Makeup Geek Iconic Lipstick

It's about time I raved about these babies. 

This post contains pr samples. All lipsticks provided courtesy of Makeup Geek.

Okay. The Makeup Geek Iconic Lipstick line has been out for a while now. And, if you missed the big hoopla when people went nuts to get them ASAP, things have calmed down a bit. Now that I've been using these here lipsticks for a good few months I thought I'd bring them back into the limelight and cover which colors tickle my fancy the most. There are seven shades that have shone brightest that I use way, way more than the rest. Like the rest could go away and I may not notice. 

 Makeup Geek iconic lipsticks (l-r) Gullible, giddy, vain, witty, Risqué, Saucy, Shady

Makeup Geek iconic lipsticks (l-r) Gullible, giddy, vain, witty, Risqué, Saucy, Shady


For your general, every day, casual lipstick that doesn't scream lipstick (like I usually do) I go for peachy shades. The peachy-pinks (vom) that bloggers just love because they're unassuming but still really pretty. My picks from the lineup are *Gullible and *Giddy. They're the first two swatches up there. 

Gullible is a cool toned, almost rosebud-y pink that looks great when you're trying to be serious. It's the kind of lipstick I could see myself wearing in an office executive meeting, or to apply for a loan or something. It's not a wow-er of a color but it's one you need to have for such occasions. Next is the much peachier pick, Giddy. It's almost like a pastel coral color that I love-love for spring and summer. It's a brightening and peppy shade that would look killer with a tan (if I ever had one). If you want to tone down this lipstick to something a little less bright, I just smoosh it into my lips with a finger, instead of applying straight from the bullet. 


Man, Makeup Geek really wants you to find your perfect red (and nude, now that I think about it). Every lip release they do, I'm always surprised by how many reds they put out. *Risqué and *Saucy are my picks of the bunch for two very different reds. They're both matte, stay on decently well and don't dry the hell out of your lips. 

For an old Hollywood, cool toned, deep red go for Risqué. It's the kind of red that looks good on everyone, and makes your teeth look whiter. This one had a lot more wear in winter when you can feel all festive wearing a cool red lip, but now that things are heating up, I like a warm toned red better. Which is why Saucy is in the lineup. It's just red enough to keep it from looking orange, but it definitely has those orange undertones I love in summer. It won't do you any favors in the whiter-teeth arena, but it's worth it to wear as a statement lip. 


You guys know I love my plummy lips. Someone burry me in Kat Von D Bauhau5, please. For my vampy fix I turn to the Makeup Geek Iconic Lipsticks in *Vain, and *Shady. Basically my personal brand (kidding, mom). 

Vain is the lighter of the two, it's a bright plum that could read reddish pink depending on your lighting situation. It's like the embodiment of raspberry where it has that red, but enough purple to keep it in the plummy family. This is the color of lipstick I'd wear every day if I didn't fear for the health of my lips wearing a matte daily.

For a surprisingly creamy, not matte option go for Shady. It's the dark one way down on the end, and yes it really looks that good. Like so many other dark lipsticks you can sheer it out for a lighter berry look, or layer it up for a blackened plum shade. Either way looks totally kick ass, IMHO. I like to wear this one when I need a little reminder that I'm actually a badass. 


Last up is my brown lip pick. I usually don't gravitate towards browns because they don't tend to flatter my complexion. But, *Witty is just light enough and warm enough to make it work. I don't like to layer this one up at all, and I'll actually thin it out with a lip balm so I only get just a hint of that brown color. This makes it so much easier to wear on fair skin tones. The rosey undertones keep this shade so much more flattering than a cool, shadowy brown shade. 

Have you tried any of the Makeup Geek lip launches?

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