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Five Friday Favorites

Five Friday Favorites

Mystery, intrigue, felt tip eyeliner...

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This week has been a good 'un, friends. I've fallen hard for a few different things so they're all coming together like one big happy family in this post. If you haven't been able to tell already, I'm working on transitioning this blog to include more lifestyle content as opposed to beauty banter 24/7. I've dabbled with lifestyle content in the past but now that I'm putting some effort into Lipstick A Day (the Instagram and soon-to-be website) it feels good to have this blog be a bit more personal and less specific. Alons Y

1. Caravel By Stephanie Garber

I rarely read books anymore (I'm a book listener at best, article reader most often) and I had an intense book reading craving last weekend. I sent out some feelers for book recommendations and came back with Caravel by Stephanie Garber. This book sucks you in immediately. I'm not particularly far in (I did have an extremely disappointing three hour bachelorette finale to watch this week, after all) but it's so good. If you like mystery, magic, and historical dramas this will be right up your alley.

2. Doctor Who Rewatch

I have finally, after several years of needling, gotten Dave into Doctor Who. It is a blessing and a curse. We've tanked our way through to the 11th doctor pretty quickly because he, just like I, was obsessed with the David Tennant years. Things were so perfect then. 

3. Juliette Has A Gun MMMM... Perfume

I mentioned that I got a whole bunch of freebies from Sephora in my Birthday haul post earlier this week. I've had some questions around and about how I got said freebies. Besides the automatic birthday gift from Sephora and cashing in some points I built up I also used the Honey app. It's a chrome extension that you can use to automatically check for coupon codes and it's pretty great. There was a code for a deluxe free sample of perfume and I picked up Juliette Has A Gun MMMM... perfume. It's so dreamy.

I've heard so many good things about Juliette Has A Gun in the past but I was actually blown away when I got a sniff of it myself. It is, as they describe "Delicious. Sensual. Elegant." The whole copy on this perfume is kind of hilarious to me but it really does describe the scent well.

"For a sheer bliss, mix 10 grams of distilled neroli, an ounce of jasmine sambac, and a knob of iris butter. Melt a little caramel, add some fresh raspberries, and slowly bring to the boil. Gently stir in a pinch of ground Sandalwood and a dash of patchouli, sprinkle a few grams of icing sugar, and whisk until a delicious sigh is achieved."

It's a Bit Much. Nevertheless I want the full size MMMM.... perfume now so I guess it worked. 

4. *Bioderma Hydrabio Serum

The babes at Bioderma sent me a package this week filled to the brim with my favorite micellar water and they also tossed in the *Bioderma Hydrabio Serum. My skin has continued to be off and on dry this summer and this serum has done just the trick. It's just hydrating enough to oomph up my summer moisturizer and keep my skin nice and happy. 

It is particularly strong in the fragrance arena so it may be one to avoid if your skin doesn't like fragrance but it's doing wonders for me.

5. Black Winged Eyeliner

Last weekend in a deep desperate need for a cat eye I picked up the L'Oreal The Super Slim felt tip eyeliner.

Now I must say that this took a few days of getting used to because I'm more of a brush-applicator-liner-gal not a felt tip fiend. After a little finagling I can work this baby like no other and it produces the prettiest, most delicate, but razor sharp flicks. 

The pen itself is pretty slim and the felt tip is extra long and super pointy for all your best results. 

I've been in the mood for cat eyeliner lately and this is getting the work done, easy. Now for a new mascara to make my lashes as beefy as this eyeliner needs....

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