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Five Friday Favorites #2

Five Friday Favorites #2

All are great for chilling out.


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This week has been a constant yoyo of stress. Which honestly makes stress so much worse right? Just when you think your brain is in the clear, BAM, more stress. Let's pepper in a potential hurricane (please send good vibes to Texas right now!) and I'm thrilled that this week has come to a close. Focusing on the positive here, I've got a few favorites to send your way for a think over the weekend. Starting with a little laughter. 

1. Good Omens

I mentioned on Monday in my post 13 Self Care Practices That Don't Cost A Thing that I've started re-reading one of my favorite books, Good Omens. It's been years since the last time I read it and I forgot how funny it is. Because I read this book for the first (several) times when I was 12 or 13 it really helped to shape my sense of humor so of course I find it hilarious.

I'm nearly halfway done with it and I suspect that I'll finish it up this weekend. We're expecting bad weather (fingers crossed not a Hurricane) this weekend in New Orleans and I always assume there will be a power outage which makes it the perfect time to eat processed food and read a funny book. 


2. Floral Journal 

Also in Monday's post I mentioned that I wanted to start gratitude journaling with this super cute floral planner. Low and behold Dave Amazon Primed it for me and I've already started using it.

I'm basically just trying to write down one or two things a day that I am grateful for to help my pessimistic brain focus on positivity.

Besides the fact that it's girly and adorable (that raspberry print though), I love the fact that the paper is super thick and doesn't really show through on the other side. I got the smallest size and use my Micron pen with it. If you wanted to use this as an actual planner I would size up because it is quite tiny.

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3. NYX SMLC Stockholm

I thought I'd give a little bit of love to my favorite lip of the week. Since I started my Lipstick A Day instagram, I'm obviously not doing a lot of re-wearing lipsticks. I will, in the future, obviously, but right now I'm having fun chronicling all these different lipsticks.

My favorite pick of the week was the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm. It has just enough peachiness to give my lips that not-dead-nude look and I love how comfortable the formula is. SMLC is life, am I right?


4. Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Color Paint Shadow in Matte Taupe

Ugh, longest name ever. Can we just take a minute to do an eye roll at the fact the proper name for MUFE is Make Up For Ever? It's not Makeup Forever like everyone wants it to be. Oh well. I got this MUFE Aqua XL Color Paint Shadow in Matte Taupe as a sample from Sephora and holy moly I'm loving it. 

I thought it would be too dark when I received it but it's working out nicely. To keep my summer eye a little perkier I've been smooshing this over my lid, blending upwards, and dotting on a little shimmery eyeshadow over just the center of my lid. It stays on really well in this late summer heatwave and I'm loving the super subtle halo eye effect of the shimmery shadow on top. 


5. Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Nail Oil

My nails are finally back to their former glory and it's all thanks to the Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Nail Oil. I was a bit of a mad woman when I first broke my nails, applying this every day, multiple times a day like clockwork. After they started properly growing out I kept up with it less until I forgot about it, maybe a month ago. 

When my cuticles started looking worse for wear I broke out this oil again and they are loving it. My cuticles still aren't in tip top shape, but trust, they are so much better looking than they were a week ago. Praise be Bliss Kiss. 


Any particular favorites this week?

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