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Four Super Serums To Save Face This Winter

Four Super Serums To Save Face This Winter

Best Face Serums For Winter

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I don't know why I still feel weird about using anti-aging skincare in my mid-ish twenties. So many anti-aging products do double duty at treating acne/ exfoliating acne prone skin! And if the end result is that I look young forever because I started 5 years early I don't care. 

Anyway. Today we're chatting serums because I've been consistently using four of 'em and my skin is definitely better for it. They basically fall into two camps: hydrating and exfoliating. I haven't yet branched out into any other types of serums that would be ... brightening? What other types of serums would you need? 

Hydrating Serums

The longer I stay in New Orleans the more my skin has evened out to a comfortable a bit oily but not that bad state. It has seriously been the warmest autumn yet so now that we are in November things are cooling down (into the 70's, it's insane) and my skin is getting dry. Having all the sudden dry skin is no fun when you are used to oily skin because WTF are you supposed to do with it? Treat it with serums my friends.

Bare Skin No Makeup Skincare

Indeed Labs - Hydraluron

The classic bloggers serum friend, Hydraluron. As a very good little listener, I jotted down that Caroline Hirons is a big Hydraluron fan so when my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair 2 ran out (RIP, ANR) I picked this one up to replace it.

Comparing the two, Hydraluron is thinner, and more lightweight than ANR, but ANR does double duty of hydrating and treating acne. The one thing I really love about hydraluron is that it makes your moisturizer more effective. Like way, way more effective.

Hydraluron is a great pick for people with combo skin because it doesn't make oily areas worse and will help dry patches to be less patchy. Apply before moisturizer so the hyaluronic acid can help your skin soak up all the moisturizing goodness. 


*Fresh - Black Tea Age-Delay Firming Serum

So real talk, I don't need a whole lot of face firming so to speak. Fresh describes this LITERALLY as a corset for your face which is truly bonkers marketing. I mean technically they just say, ahem, "The fast-absorbing moisturizing treatment has a corset-like effect on the skin, giving the appearance of a more defined, contoured complexion". But still. Nonsense. I use the *Fresh Black Tea Firming Serum as a super moisturizer when my skin is feeling extra parched (like right now). It's got lightweight mega hydration down pat so way to go, Fresh, on that aspect. 

Exfoliating Serums

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Serum

Another anti-aging product that actually works really well for acne prone skin. Whoda thunk? I'm such a glycolic acid for acne treatment fan that it's still weird to me that they market it as anti-aging only. 

The Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Serum is a super exfoliator that works extra hard because it's a serum. So it stays on your skin! I do love a good exfoliating toner but I also feel like once it has dried that's kind of it. I know that isn't technically true, but it does feel less effective in the dry down.

This serum is on the thicker side, I still apply it second to last, just before moisturizer. Every time I use this serum I wake up the next morning with bright shining baby butt skin. It's that powerful. I don't use it everyday or anything because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have any skin left after it was done.


You know I needed to copy paste that one. ooph. Omorovicza is a brand name that I'm like 88% sure I'm pronouncing correctly in my head but when I try to spell it, it's pure gibberish. The *Omorovicza Instant Perfection Serum is geared as a hydrating serum for acne prone, oily skin (aka, me). I'm not joking I thought this would be a purely hydrating serum not worth the price but, I'm not in any way joking, this serum has made my skin softer than I thought possible. It's so soft I have to keep myself from weirdly stroking my own cheek (which would probably lead to more acne anyway). It exfoliates to get that fresh new skin, then hydrates the hell out of it. It's the Hannah Montana serum. Seriously.

What is your favorite serum?

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