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It Takes Three Oils To Get My Summer Scent

It Takes Three Oils To Get My Summer Scent

One is not enough.

Honestly I kind of like being high maintenance. I know it goes against the whole cool-girl aesthetic of doing your makeup in the cab on the way to a party and looking flawless when you get out. That's just not me though. I like taking an hour to do my makeup. I like listening to an entire My Favorite Murder while getting ready for a night out. It's my me time. So layering up three oil fragrances to make the perfect scent? No problema. 

I'm feeling sort of out on traditional perfume because frankly my nose is not all that sophisticated. I think it has to do with my near constant congestion but I just can't get the most out of perfumes. Perfume oils on the other hand seem to be pretty okay. I mean take this with a grain of salt because right now I can't guarantee how I smell something is how it actually smells. Great timing to write about fragrances. 

But really, I feel like most perfume sprays are a little more in the air where as perfume oils hold closer to the body somehow enabling me to smell them properly. Let's go with that.

In this case because I'm down with taking the time to layer things up to get the right smell it takes three different scents to get what I need. 

It's a somewhat sexy, cuddler of a scent and it all starts with the base of the NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Or (aka NUXE dry oil, the glittery one). I haven't actually tested the non-glittery alternative so I can't vouch for the scent but this one is ... golden.

The NUXE oil smells like a sexy floral cream to my nose. It's like a boost of confidence in a big ol' square bottle and I love it. The depth to this scent is the perfect base for layering because it gives that air of musk and cream to everything you put on top of it.

Plus it makes my skin glittery so I literally cover my whole bod in the stuff before thinking about putting on more oils. 

Next up is an old favorite, Nemat's Vanilla Musk. It's somewhat similar-ish to the scent of the NUXE oil, but it has a much stronger vanilla twist. It sweetens things up without making it sugary or cupcake-y. 

I dot a little of the vanilla oil on my wrists and transfer it to my neck and chest like a fancy '30s film star. 

Last oil turns the whole thing floral which I am all about. I got this oil from a Monastery in Belgium so it's not, you know, easy to find. But it's an incredibly simple scent it's literally just rose. 

It's not like a gross old dusty rose though, it's a light floral rose that I'm a little bit obsessed with. I do the same placement technique with this oil after the vanilla to smell like a sexy floral lady all day. 

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