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This White Highlighter is My New Favorite Blush

This White Highlighter is My New Favorite Blush

It works, I swear.

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I am so aware that 99% of the time using a white highlighter as a blush is more useful like a weird sci-fi alien inspired makeup situation. But, I promise using this *Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer (#7) both: A- WORKS, and B- solves all blush over-application problems. It's perfect because it's so barely there that you literally couldn't overdo it if you tried. Perfect for those who won't wear blush because they're scared of looking like Ronald McDonald. 

I know it's hard to see it because it was hard to photograph. But if you look carefully I've got this lilacy-pink flush going on that I just can't get enough of. Sure, you could apply this nice and thick and get a high-lit white-ish look to your cheeks, but thinning it out makes the magic happen. And, when you thin it out that pastel vibe is totally gone so it should work on most skin tones. 

Let's be real. Using this highlighter as blush is very, very subtle. So subtle that I found it incredibly difficult to photograph. I had to draw the curtains and play with some camera settings to get this gif to show you how the color changes from white to a pinky lilac. 

But, like, look at that color though! Once you finally catch it, it just draws the eye. And I know. As a beauty blogger, vanity is high on my list of personal flaws. Just call me Narcissus because I can't stop staring at my cherub cheeks when I'm wearing this highlighter. 

Okay so we've covered the fact that using this highlighter as blush is going to be very sheer and subtle. But it's kind of perfect for those days when you really want to look like you aren't wearing makeup, but you also want to look a bit perfect. 

I like to call it the Extra Everyday Lewk. It's like when you don't want to go all out but you still want to wear falsies? This is that. 

Application though? That's the one real Achilles heel of trying this trick. We're getting very Greek here with the references. But, really, applying this? Not as foolproof as the gorgeous color. 

Because it's a liquid it takes a little finesse. It's going to pull up any heavy makeup underneath so I like to wear it with gel based foundations only. Powders, creams, even thicker foundations need not apply. 

Also you can't just buff this in or slap it on like your average powder or cream blush. Nope, even the brush needs a little fine tuning to make it work. I like to use a flat paddle foundation brush to lightly tap this highlighter over my cheeks. Not only does it help to not pull up quite as much foundation, but it also sheers it out as you go.

Does it take a little effort to use? Yes. But, it's totally worth it. 

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