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Holographic Nail Polish And All Kinds Of Oils | January Favorites

Holographic Nail Polish And All Kinds Of Oils | January Favorites

Self care is so big right now. 

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I've been practicing a lot of self care lately because spending time on facebook and twitter is giving me anxiety. I think especially in these unnerving and uncertain times it's extra important. You've gotta rest up and keep your spirits high when you're doing what you can to fight for rights for yourself, your loved ones, and I mean, I guess, literally everyone right now. I totally recommend it! It makes it much easier to sleep at night when you've done an extra long skincare routine. 

Because I've been avoiding crying jags while watching the news by spending an inordinate amount of time doing my makeup I have a whole lot of favorites from this month. 

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The Makeup

This one's a doozy so grab a snack. Okay, so first and foremost I've been a wee bit obsessed with this Tarte X Grav3yard Girl Palette. I received it for christmas and I've used it nearly every day since. My favorite line of eyeshadows is the top row, and I'm actually a little in love with the highlighter. 

Which, I know, it's limited edition. But, if you're on the search for a similar highlighter, the Becca highlighter in Moonstone is pretty daggone similar, just slightly paler. 

Besides that I've been all about the *Makeup Geek Iconic Lipsticks lately. My favorite shades are going to get their very own post soon. But, without a doubt I prefer the matte formula and I've been wearing the shade *Vain the most. It's the babely deep raspberry purpley shade I always gravitate towards. And the name. Obviously, it already had a leg up. 

I've been totally inconsistent with my base products but I've totally fallen on board with using foundation sponges this month. Specifically the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and the *Diamond version of the same. It makes your foundation totally flawless, which I know is also possible with a brush because I've been doing that forever. The real kicker for why I've been loving the sponges is because they are so darn gentle. When my brain is stressed, my body is stressed and my skin is stressed. Being nice and soft when I'm beating my face makes a huge difference. Trust. 

Last up for makeup bits I've got the Harry Potter makeup brush wands. I used these guys in my Gryffindor halo eye tutorial and yes they are that amazing. They make my little heart sing when I look at them. Most days I'm doing my makeup while listening to HP on audiobook (I'm right at the beginning of the 7th book which is hitting way too close to home right now). These wands just make the whole ordeal much more festive. 

color club halographic nail polish

Shiny Unicorn Nails

If you watch my instagram stories you'll have seen this Color Club Halographic nail polish, um, literally all month long. I am that obsessed with it. I literally wore this polish for a full month straight. Besides a two day glitter mani for the women's march but that's another story.

I'm so in love with holographic nails I even bought holographic powder on amazon so I could do it on gel nails. Because I want that rainbow magic to stay pristine for two whole weeks I swear.

This nail polish has seen many renditions. Besides, you know, wearing it like normal polish, it's seen an evil eye nail art look, a half moon mani, and a negative space mani. Because I can't stop won't stop.

Till I get that holo powder that is. 

Skin (and Nail) Care

Speaking of nails, my nails have actually started looking, dare I say it, good! It's all due to this two product switcheroonie in my hand care routine. Also, I have a hand care routine now! The Bliss Kiss Simply Pure nail oil is a godsend. I'm 100% serious, without this nail oil my nails would be broken off little stubs compared to the long (for me) talons I've been rocking lately. I've also been a hand lotion devotee. Not any one in particular, but making sure I put on lotion a couple times a day has made a big difference. 

I've also successfully incorporated oils into my skincare routine. Took me long enough. I've been using just straight jojoba oil at nights and my skin is digging it. It's light enough not to make me a grease face and has yet to break me out. 

I've been applying that oil and giving myself a lovely little facial massage with a jade roller. Granted, it's a "jade" roller from amazon and cost me less than $10. So you know, it's not likely really jade. But, it does feel really nice. I've been rolling it over my face and I honestly don't know if it makes a difference but it feels so nice I'm going to keep it up. 

What were your favorites this month?

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