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I Finally Figured Out How To Get The Perfect Heatless Waves

I Finally Figured Out How To Get The Perfect Heatless Waves

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It's taken all of my adult lifetime of attempting to get pretty waves from braided hair for me to actually figure it out. And, of course, I accidentally stumbled upon it when I wasn't even trying, because that's just how these things work. As someone with hair that doesn't like to do a whole lot (if my hair were a person she would watch a LOT of television) trying to get texture can be an uphill battle. 

This little routine I've put together is really easy. Like, really really easy. Effort levels only need to get as high as braiding your hair twice before bed which is actually super helpful for getting to sleep and not feeling like you're being choked by your hair. Extra little bonus for you there. Ok, here's how to do it:

Wash and dry

Before bed, or, I guess, whenever you feel like it during your day, wash and fully dry your hair. For me, blowdrying my hair takes any of the tiny amount of natural wave right out, which is why I always tried to do this with wet hair. Prior to blow drying use your favorite sleek hair product. I'll use either *Bumble and Bumble Straight Blow Dry or the L'Oreal Smooth Intense Frizz taming Serum. Both of these guys keep my hair extra soft and silky, and keep it from getting wild frizzy which it is want to do after blowdrying. 


With your totally dry hair, give yourself a cool center part all the way down and do two french braid pig tails. I like to start just above my ears so the roots at the front of my hair don't get too wavy. I don't know, I just find it really weird and hard to style the next day if I start the braids from my front hairline. Make sure the braids are pretty tight and secure a good inch or two from the bottom. You don't want to braid all the way down to the little nubbin ends of your hair because the waves will get way too tight when there is less and less hair. Then just sleep on it.

heatless waves


The next morning you'll need to choose your weapon to style your waves. I have three go-to products right now. First is *Contesta Rock Hair Saltiness which is a sea salt spray that will give you a good amount of texture. It has an oilier feel than most sea salt sprays so it gives a pretty piecy look and isn't crispy, but your waves may start to fade by the end of the day. Next up is the *Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray, this gives a lot of shine and minimal sea salty crunch, but still enough texture to actually hold your style. I also find this to give the most volume. Last is the *Lanza Healing Style Texture Cream which, you guessed it, gives the most texture. Be wary of adding too much to dry hair with this one, just a dab will do ya. 

oribe dry texturizing spray
oribe apres beach wave and shine spray

For this post I went for the *Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray because, come on, it looks pretty cool in photos. The end result is wavy (but not too wavy like the results I get from wet hair braids), beachy, and basically the perfect texture. With wavy hair like this you can style it pretty much however you want but I like to go simple and just wear it down. 

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How do you like to style your hair?

heatless waves | heatless curls | no heat waves | beachy waves| mercuteify

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