How To Style Day Old Bangs (Without Washing Your Hair)

How to style day old bangs without washing your hair

Being a lazy bum when it comes to things like washing your hair (it just takes So. Long.) is one of those things you can easily pass off as being more earth friendly, and actually being better for your hair thank you very much.  

And that totally works! So long as you don't have bangs.

Greasy flat bangs? Not so cute. Try as I might, I just can't get through second day hair without touching my bangs. They just look so sad and limp if I don't style them. 

So to make up for the fact that I'm steadfastly refusing to wash my hair every single day, I've figured out the best way to deal with day old bangs. It's a pretty simple formula really.

Actually it's so simple that it's basically the exact same as what I do when I have actually washed my hair. All I do is switch my shampoo for dry shampoo and pop it into the last thing spot.

Watch over on my youtube channel to see how I style day old bangs!