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How To Wear A Wool Cape

How To Wear A Wool Cape

Sound the clothing purchase claxon!

how to wear a wool cape - mercuteify

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How much of babe is this wool cape? It's a 100% wool treat of a timeless wardrobe classic that just graced my closet with it's presence. I want to start off by saying if you're buying a giant piece of wool (essentially) like this one that it isn't going to be inexpensive. The closest wool cape I could find to match mine is on sale for $350 (was a whopping $995!!!!). There are cheaper options of course, DIY wool capes you could try (I may, let me know if you want a tutorial), and, my favorite option - thrifting. 

how to wear a wool cape - mercuteify

This wool cape is by the brand Aquascutum (it's London based, and no, I have not one single clue on how to pronounce it). A quick scoot around their website tells me that this cape (which is past season/no longer in stock) originally cost somewhere in the $500 range which I picked up in my local thrifting haunt for a mear, measly, $20. 

how to wear a wool cape - mercuteify

Types of wool cape

There are really only two different types of wool capes, well, I guess three, but really two.

  1. Button (or tie) Wool Cape Coat - Think Blair Waldorf or Veronica Lodge. This type of cape usually has some structure to it, maybe is a bit shorter than mine in the photos, and is worn as outerwear. Sometimes there are arm slits, otherwise it's a little more free form like mine. These are usually very classic and arguably fancy.
  2. Sweater-like, Relaxed Wool Cape - This is the cape I have. It's essentially like one giant woolen blanket that is socially acceptable to wear outdoors. Usually you'll want to layer with another (thinner) sweater or long sleeved tee underneath. You can wear this as outerwear as well but I get more indoor vibes from these sort of capes. 
  3. Old-timey, Hooded Wool Cape - Think Little Red Riding Hood or an 18th century monk. You're probably not styling this one for the day to day. 
how to wear a wool cape - mercuteify

How To Wear A Casual Cape

Obviously this is all personal preference but my ideal cape wearing outfit looks like this:

  • Patterned cape - mine is houndstooth, but I'm loving striped capes and cozy plaids, too.
  • Simple thin sweater or long sleeved tee - my cape is black and white so I go for gray here but really any solid color could work.
  • Dark wash skinny jeans - the easiest, non-competitive item of clothing ... ever. 
  • Casual booties - for comfort, a little bit of height, and because sneakers just don't feel right to me.
  • Clutch bag - I love clutch bags with capes because they can add a little more texture and I feel like it makes more sense to hold rather than a bag with handles or straps. 

I hate to give a fashion don't (because you do you babe, wear whatever you want) but I feel like belting a sweater cape like this instantly makes the outfit very early aughts. Not my personal favorite. Sure, it gives you more of a defined shape in a cape, but at what cost?

how to wear a wool cape - handbag choice

I paired up my cape with my very Christmas-y D&B clutch (more on my favorite clutches here) because it's nearly Christmas. But, obviously you wouldn't do that (or maybe you would) if it were autumn or after the holidays. In this case the patterns are so different (color, size, pattern shape) that I love the mix but you could also go for a less jazzy clutch so it won't compete as much. 

You could easily sub out my cape with any of the capes below:

Thoughts on capes?

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