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It Cosmetics Your Airbrush Masters 6 Piece Set Review

It Cosmetics Your Airbrush Masters 6 Piece Set Review

Fluffy, soft brushes, please and thank you.

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You know it's been over three years (!!!!!!!) since I've bought new base brushes? I'm thinking it's actually more like four years. Unless you count the comes free with your purchase whether you like it or not brushes. Anyway. My Real Techniques brushes that I've had for literal years now are starting to feel the difference. They're not as soft as they once were and they've become more and more difficult to get clean. To rectify this situation I picked up the It Cosmetics Your Airbrush Masters 6 Piece Set. 

Really, I was going to buy a different set (the "Your Hero's" set, if you care) but decided on the Airbrush Masters Because it had more variety in the base brushes which is really what I wanted. The eyeshadow brushes were more of a nice bonus to the set, but don't you worry your little head I'll cover those too. 

Blurring Powder Brush

First and foremost my favorite brush of the whole bunch. The Blurring Powder Brush is the long duo-fiber brush that I clearly did not clean before taking these photos. It's meant for powders, as I'm sure you're aware but instead of using it for a light dusting of finishing powder I love-love it for bronzer. Which is weird because I don't even like bronzer all that much.

It's the duo-fibers that make this brush so perfect for bronzer. I feel like half the time I see bronzer brushes they're half the size of my face and as densely packed as a foundation buffing brush. No. Just. No.

I like the length and softness of these fibers because they make it impossible to put on too much bronzer. Within reason, obviously. But, really, it's great if you always pick up too much bronzer and can't blend away that mistake. You can only pick up a little pigment with the longer bristles so it's perfect if you're perpetually heavy handed (AKA me). 

Soft Touch Blush Brush

I've never tried an angled blush brush before and I 100% dig it my friends. The Soft Touch Blush Brush is another one that is perfectly made for those of us who constantly over-apply product. I just dip one end of the brush (either one works) into the blush which lets me blend out with the rest of the bristles without looking too Ronald McDonald. 

Actually, if clown-y blush is a phobia of yours, I highly suggest trying an angled blush brush. It makes it really difficult to get that perfectly round circular blush look. 

This brush is also great for setting powder (I really like a powdery finish), and for blending out contour. It's the one I mentioned the other day in my Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint review / how-to post. The angle lets you get into the, ahem, contours of the face which makes it pretty perfect. I wouldn't apply contour with this brush because my cheekbones are gaunt looking enough, but if you need a lot of cheekbone carving, I'd give it a shot. 

Buffing Foundation Brush

For heavier foundation days I like to buff it all in 2010 style. My Real Techniques Buffing Brushes have seen far better days and have become scratchy over the years. The Buffing Foundation Brush is similar enough to the RT original, but with a flat top. I find that the flatter top (and the denser brush) beefs up your product application so you're going to get a higher coverage using this guy over Real Techniques. 

I like this for both liquid and powder foundations, thank God, because of it's synthetic bristles. You can just as easily buff in a mineral foundation as you can your fave bullet-proof stay all day liquid version. The bristles are nicely packed together to give you a really even finish.

Bent Liner Brush

Whoever thought of bent liner brushes needs an award, stat. If you've ever tried to use a standard liner brush and kept poking yourself in the eye, or getting stuck in your lashes, or couldn't get a straight line, you need to give it a try. The bend, although not super significant allows you to hold the brush at a different angle so you can see your lash line more clearly and work your magic with ease. 

The It Cosmetics Bent Liner Brush is, admittedly a little too beefy for my tastes. Sure, if I want to get really vampy with it works perfectly. But for dainty liner it's just a bit too thick. I'm trying to finagle a way to use it as a pencil brush instead but unfortunately the bend makes that more difficult. Womp. But hey, one miss out of all six brushes is not too shabby. 

Precision Crease Brush

The Precision Crease Brush couldn't be more aptly named. It's the ever so slightly tapered eyeshadow brush. The taper is what makes it so well suited to doing precision crease work. Instead of a big ol' fluffy brush that I'd use to put down a light transition shade, a smaller tapered brush lets you place darker shadows much easier.

The reason I prefer tapered crease brushes is because, just like the blush brush above, you can get the pigment just on the tip and use the rest of the bristles to help you blend to your heart's content. It means you can skip a brush (which just means less to wash on Sunday, right?).

Flawless All Over Shadow Brush

This last brush is one of those bog standard, need to have at any given time, brushes. Do you remember in old YouTube videos when everyone would always say that you needed to have a clean blending brush on hand? This is that brush. I wouldn't put all over shadow on with the All Over Shadow Brush, but it's there when you need it for blending things out.

I actually super like it for blending out concealer too. It's great for when you're covering a tiny spot and keep blending your concealer right off. Instead of using a giant blending brush this lil guy lets you get in there and just blend around the edges so you too can fake far better skin. 

What brushes are you into right now? Tell me, I need to know. 

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