Drugstore Lily Collins Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Because her look at the Golden Globes was SO extra and I loved it. 

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I mean, her look was so over the top that I couldn't not recreate it. The brows, the pink on pink on red, THAT DRESS?! All of it was amazing. 

Her makeup artist, Fiona Stiles, used a whole bunch of Lancome makeup, which you can take a looksie at in the widget below. The great thing was that she used not all that many products, really. It was mostly your regulars, and she even doubled up by using the blush as the eyeshadow. So good, right? You can check out her Instagram to see the exact makeup (with colors etc) she used on Lily.

But, because I don't have $300+ lying around or any Lancome makeup to recreate it with, I went the drugstore route. I'm also lumping in Makeup Geek into the drugstore arena because it's pretty much drugstore prices. 

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