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How I Kept My Long Hair With Bangs Looking Voluminous

How I Kept My Long Hair With Bangs Looking Voluminous

It was surprisingly hard to do.

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News flash chickadees, I've chopped off all my hair again. I hope you already knew that, I've been very shouty about it. But, I still had this pesky post about my faux-voluminous long hair and bangs sitting in my drafts just waiting for it's time in the sun. You know how these things go, it's easier to push back on a blog post than it is to re-arrange a haircut. So here we are, me without a good foot of the hair you're about to learn all about. These things happen.

Towards the end there of my time wearing long (for me) hair, it was a struggle to get a decently voluminous look. I had that undercut working against me at that point so I had literally like half as much hair-bulk than I should have. If I had never shaved in that undercut, this article would have never happened so I guess it was good for something!

This here is what I would like to call the dream team. Cliché, of course, but these were the only products that made a difference in my voyage to getting voluminous hair. They each completed a task for helping me get my hair to live it's best life, and it went a little something like this:

1. Mousse it Up

First things first was attempting to get some volume in my hair, straight after washing. I find volumizing shampoos to be really hit or miss, and the longer and heavier my hair was, the less impact they seemed to make.

Which left everything down to mousse! I would run a healthy dollop of the Vidal Sassoon Extra Firm Hold Mousse through my roots down, pre-blowdry. This helped eek out a bit more height in the roots but mostly helped in creating a style that would stick around for more than an hour or two. Very helpful stuff!

2. Dry it Right

Drying my hair was the most helpful way to actually get volume at the roots. I would use a medium size round brush to guide my hair upwards and blast the roots dry. 

This little bit of extra work helped to keep my hair from looking all Snape-y (I.E. greasy and flat). 

3. Add Some Curls

Allow me to blow your mind for a hot second. These pretty loose flowing curls that I rocked for a solid two months straight were heat-free. Not a curling iron nor flat iron made these light wavy curls. All I did was, wait for it ... twist my hair. That's literally it!

After my hair was probably 95% dry, I would split my hair down the middle and twist each side away from my face. Then, I'd take the two twists and secure them together behind my back. Then I would just go about my day (working from home makes this much easier, I tell ya) and would untwist them after a few hours. You could totally do this over night too, by the way. 

Anyway, I untwist and there you go, curls! Adding curls (as opposed to my natural straight-ish hair) helped to add visual volume to the length of my hair. After untwisting I'd spritz in a little *Suave Professionals Anti-Humidity Hairspray through the curly bits to help hold them in place. 

4. Dry Shampoo & Texture Every Day

Last thing was adding a little bit of oomph through my hair whenever it looked flat, so at least once a day. For sad deflated roots I always (still!) use the Bumble and Bumble Pret a Powder. I seriously love this stuff. It's powdery enough to give the roots a clean-looking kick, and it helped immensely to give some natural looking volume to my roots and bangs. 

And of course, what could there be for adding volume to the rest of the hair other than the *Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray? A couple of quick blasts and you get a good centimeter more hair. I would just spray it in, shake it out, and go about my merry way pretending I had naturally voluminous long hair and bangs. 

How do you add fullness to your hair?

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