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Long Haul Airplane Beauty Essentials

Long Haul Airplane Beauty Essentials

I've got the goods down pat.

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Just last week I was on three airplanes over the course of two days. Or maybe three days? I don't know the whole jumping time zones things is bonkers. Anyway, I, as the mother hen of every trip (even solo), need to be prepared for everything which means my plane bag was stocked with ALL the beauty bits needed. My picks for long haul airplane beauty essentials are mostly for keeping yourself clean and hydrated because nothing is worse than feeling dirty and dehydrated whilst in transit.


First off, I never ever fly with makeup on. Its way too much hassle for literally no reward. I love looking and feeling cute as much as the next person but wearing makeup on a plane always feels itchy or greasy or you get that super sexy patchy look. No thanks.

If I'm already wearing makeup when I head in for my flight I'll go ahead and remove it with the Simple Micellar Wipes. These are my favorite wipes of all time because they don't irritate my skin and I only need one to remove my regular face of makeup. They're also great if you're feeling a little dingy because you can give yourself a nice little wipe down. 

On my freshly clean-ish skin I need to moisturize. You've got a lot of super dry, recycled air up there and it can suck the moisture even out of the oiliest faces. My favorite super hydrating cream is the *Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb. I like to apply a nice thick layer basically as soon as we take off. 

Homeoplasmine is the last step for sealing in moisture basically all over my body. I get so dry while traveling so I like to use Homeoplasmine (basically Vaseline) on my lips, cuticles, elbows, I even had to use some on my nose which is a whole other can of worms but still. This stuff works for keeping what little moisture you have sealed in so you don't step off the plane looking like a withered old crone. 


My nails have had a whole thing going this last trip. I've been very careful with them up until we left then I promptly broke the bejesus out of them. I don't even want to talk about it. But, luckily I'm a doomsday prepper and I had plenty of hand lotion, and a nail file handy to deal with the fallout. 

I like to keep my hands extra moisturized just like my face because dry hands are the actual devil. Plus having a nice scented lotion around makes journeying much more pleasant. The nail file is needed, for obvious reasons when you break your nails. I'm sure it's like a plane travel faux pas to file your nails (or worse, clip them) but I had the luck of sitting in a row all to myself so no harm done.  


Maybe it's just me but my hair gets greasy as all get out when I travel. Everything else gets dry but my hair looks like I haven't bathed in days. Figures. Bumble and Bumble Pret a Powder is my favorite dry shampoo for travel because of it's handy salt shaker delivery system. No messing around with aerosols (which I'm not even sure are legal to have on a plane?) just a little shake to apply powder right where you need it. Which for me is basically my roots and all of my hair, but you get it. 

Then, obviously a comb to comb it through and get rid of knots. The additions of hair ties and bobby pins can never be missed out on for traveling. My hair is still too short to fit in a proper ponytail so I do a little bit of braiding and pin in whatever hair feels like popping out. It may not be elegant but keeping my hair out of my face and ideally fresh looking is actually possible when I put everything all together. And if you're lucky you can get cute post-braid waves out of the deal!


I don't know about you but when I travel my eyes get mad red. Like kind of scary maybe you got pink eye red. To make my peepers look less terrifying and to make them feel more comfortable I like to keep eye drops on hand. Right now I've got the Rohto Cool Eye Drops which are not my favorite but they do work for clearing that bleary eyed look. The cooling sensation is more like a burning sensation but once you get over it you look less like a sleep deprived monster so you take the good with the bad.

Last up is some basic oral health care with toothpaste and a pick flossing thingy to nab any bits of your airline food that get caught up in your gums. Obviously best to do in the bathroom because even I'm not so chill that I'll floss or brush my teeth surrounded by onlooking humans. Gum is a good choice too if you're one of those shaky fliers that don't like to leave their seat. 

Do you have any beauty airplane essentials for long flights?

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