This Gold MAC Highlighter is an Unexpected Favorite

We are gooolden!

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Well I tell ya, it's not every day that a highlighter gets it's own love song around these parts. Partly to do with the fact that I live in hothumidsweatcity New Orleans and rarely need the extra gleam on my face. Also I'm not really one of those super-glam makeup-ers and I can live happily with the oily sheen my skin makes all on it's own to grace my cheekbones. But the second I got my hot little hands on the *MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Oh Darling! I knew it was something special. Although it looks wild gold in the pan and I'm more of an icy champagne highlight kind of gal, I'm in love with this highlighter. 

BAM. Look at that highlight. It's PERFECT. 

It's not bright enough to screw with the brightness in photos (you know those highlights?) but it's still shiny enough to make a point. And the yellow tone? It's pretty perfect for summer. 

I'm thinking that in winter when I fade back into a skintone closer to that of a standard piece of paper this highlight would be a bit too bronze for me. But for now? I'm living for the warm golden look. I've been applying it haphazardly to my cheekbones, collarbones, the bridge of my nose, I've even been doing the cupids bow thing. I never do that.

The key for getting a golden highlighter like this to work on my pale-ish skin is to apply lightly. You can see in the photo above the closer swatch is the highlighter heavily applied, and the farther one is a light application. There's a huge difference.

When you apply lightly, the tone stays light and could read as champagne-y in certain lights. But, you work it up a bit and the almost reddish tones come out and you really get that bronzed effect. This is when a highlighter becomes a bit too dark for me. Although I'm highly debating coating my gams in the stuff the next time I go out and want my legs to be center of attention. 

I've been wearing this highlighter so much I've actually made a visible dent in the thing (since taking these photos) which never happens for me. 

It's safe to say it's love.

What's your favorite highlihgter in summer?