Makeup Packing For Travel & A Long Chat About What I'm Bringing Home With Me

Um, because I'm bringing a lot home with me. 

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It is time, yet again for a new video, friends! Today I'm chatting all about makeup packing tips and the nitty gritty on every little thing I'm bringing with me when I pack up and go home for Christmas. Lets run through the tips really quickly, then chat about the stars of the show for what I'm bringing. 

1. Pack The Smallest, Most Padded Bag You Can

If you just throw six items of makeup in a ziplock baggie and toss it in your suitcase, the odds are not in your favor that your makeup will make it out alive. You want your makeup to be all nice and snug so it won't go rattling around inside the bag, and you want that bag to be padded, just in case.

As promised here are a slew of different makeup bags in all sizes, shapes, colors, and structures that should all have a bit more padding so (fingers crossed) your makeup doesn't totally smash. Obvs, if something is quilted it has a bit more padding to it than those clear vinyl style makeup bags or one of those just canvas bags. I'm a big big fan of the Sonia Kashuk bags, fyi, and I do like to dabble in making my own padded makeup bags. 

2. Pack The Bag Full

Because, A: more options, and B: the tighter the fit, the more likely the makeup won't jostle in the bag. I can't tell you the number of individual eyeshadows I've lost because I didn't realize that if the get banged around inside a makeup bag, they'll fall to pieces. Also, I just love having more options of makeup, and this is a really good way to justify bringing that much back with you. 

3. Use Depotted Makeup Whenever You Can

If you have a mini magnetic palette, you'll be able to choose exactly what colors you want to take with you, and it will take up way less space. Instead of hauling two or three different eyeshadow palettes along for the ride, just pick and choose what shadows you'll actually use! It will make your life SO much easier. 

4. Tinted Moisturizer + High Coverage Concealer 

Maybe (probably) I'm weird but I like having options for how much coverage I'll be wearing. Going for a tinted moisturizer (mines the *Physicians Formula BB) gives a light ish coverage. So, to amp it up, use a high coverage concealer (Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage)! You get all the light coverage you need, and if you want more you can always add it. So easy. 

5. The Five Lip Options You Need

I guess this tip is more for those of us with a lipstick obsession. Whenever I'm traveling for more than like three days, I take 5 lip products with me. One is a lip hydrator that I especially need during winter. I have loads of moisturizing lip products I like, but for this trip I'm bringing the *Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil.

Then, for actual lip colors - I've got a rule: if you bring a high end lipstick bring a similar drugstore option. Mostly, this rule came up because I've lost expensive lipsticks in the past and that just hurts the soul. For this trip I've got two nudes (NARS Dolce Vita, and NYX SMLC in Stockholm) and two bolds (Sephora Strawberry Kissed, and *Kat Von D Bauhau5

Oh, and here's everything I have packed up with me: