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An Ode to My Makeup Removal Love, Bioderma

An Ode to My Makeup Removal Love, Bioderma

True love at it's finest.

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My skin has been doing it's own thing lately and I'm just along for the ride. Because I'm in panic mode for wedding stuff that takes time (aka basically just my skin and actually doing some semblance of a fitness routine) I finally sought out professional help. My new derm who, bless, I actually like, set me onto a strict skincare routine using a prescription retinol amongst other things.

If you've never been through The Great Peel of using prescription retinol for the first time, I don't really know how to describe it to you. The last time I did it (about two years ago) my skin was a total wreck. I was peeling everywhere. I was beet red, breaking out more, and painful to the touch. It's totally surprising that I didn't stick with it, right?

This time though, my skin has been pretty okay. My acne is clearing up, I'm not experiencing the redness or peeling skin of yesteryear but my skin is still sensitive. 

This means the whole rest of my skincare routine needs to be as gentle and simple as possible until my skin gets used to it. That means no masks, no exfoliating scrubs, no fragranced nothin', and I'm trying to avoid anything too oily. Which means that the only makeup remover for me is my beloved Bioderma. 

There are a bunch of reasons I love micellar water so much, especially when my skin is extra sensitive.

  • It's totally irritation free for my skin. I have tried a couple of other micellar waters that had fragrance my skin didn't love but Bioderma is Sans Parfum. I've been using Bioderma for years and it's never triggered a skin issue. Oil based cleansers? Not so much. 
  • It doesn't make my skin red. My skin gets red very easily, especially when rubbed so using a cleansing balm right now isn't ideal. Bioderma on a lil' bit of cotton swipes easily over my skin without setting off any alarm bells in my dermis to turn into a red flaiming pain monster. 
  • Almost all makeup is removed. I will say that pretty much all micellar waters aren't going to do much for a waterproof mascara. It's just not in the cards. Bioderma gets off every base I own and most eye makeup. If I do have leftover mascara I will take a little oil on some cotton to remove every scrap of makeup. Sure, there are times when you just need to massage off a caked on makeup day. But, for my average day I just don't need it.
  • No gross sticky/greasy residue. This is where micellar water shines over oily makeup removers. I always follow up makeup removal with a proper cleanser but sometimes using a balm cleanser you'll have a lovely little oil slick around your hairline or somewhere you missed with your next cleanser. No thanks. 

Cotton Fluff V. Cotton Round

Instead of using scratchy cotton rounds by the dozen, I bought cotton fluff in bulk. It's ~ non-sterile cotton roll ~ but you basically get to choose your own adventure with how much you'll need. If I'm only wearing a tinted moisturizer and mascara I'll only rip off a little bit, if I've caked it on I'll grab a couple larger sections. 

Oh and don't worry about that non-sterile part, your regular cotton balls aren't sterile either. 

The best thing about using this cotton roll stuff instead of cotton rounds is that it is so soft and moldable. Unlike cotton rounds that sometimes have an exfoliating texture (to abrade your skin while you remove makeup?) this is soft. It's also not stuck in that round shape so you can really get into those weird spots like the inner corner of the eye or the edges of your nose. 

Plus because I have a literal pound of the stuff it's likely to last me about fifteen years. You can also use it for like, cleaning out your dog's ears, I've heard, so really useful stuff here. 

What's your makeup remover of choice?

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