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Mermaid Hair Tutorial

Mermaid Hair Tutorial

Mermaid hair tutorial | mermaid hair | beachy waves | wavy hair | mercuteify
mermaid hair tutorial | beachy waves | products you need for beachy hair |mercuteify

Lately I've really been going for a look that says I've gone to the beach without actually stepping foot outdoors. Bronzing aside it all comes down to the hair. I have extremely heavy and slick hair so your average beach spray doesn't work so well for me. It takes a bit longer than a chuck-it-in beachy balm but the extra effort is worth it.

First things first, wet or wash your hair. I used a shampoo and conditioner from Aussie but just use whatever you have because it won't make a big difference. After lightly towel drying your hair melt a small blob of coconut oil and put it in the ends of your hair. This is the step that really makes it look beachy so don't skip it, plus its super hydrating for your hair! The coconut oil makes the ends really piece-y so your hair isn't too perfect. Let your hair air dry until it is about 75% dry then put it in a simple french braid, secure it with a hair tie, and go to sleep.

The next day, take out the braid and comb through with your fingers. Then spray your favorite heat protector through your hair. Take your curling wand (mine is the Nu Me 1 inch) and curl random sections of your hair. There is no real secret here besides you want to curl as randomly as possible and don't curl your whole head of hair. You want the majority to be wavy so just focus on the particularly flat and straight parts. Make sure to take sections that are of varying sizes and curl in different directions so that the curls don't join together.

As the hair cools add some texture powder where needed. The sides of my hair tend to be a bit flat at the root so I pump up the volume there. When the texture powder is incorporated and you can't see it any more use hair spray to set the style. Instead of spraying it all over and leaving it, spray the hair spray then scrunch your hair by grabbing the freshly sprayed area.

How do you achieve Mermaid hair?

Mermaid hair | beachy waves | beach hair tutorial | beachy curls | mercuteify
mermaid hair | beachy hair | mermaid hair tutorial | mercuteify
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