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My Quickie Summer Face

My Quickie Summer Face

I've got STUFF to do.

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I don't know about ya'll but during the summer I wear like no makeup in comparison to my usual slap during the rest of the year. Something about not wanting my base to make cute cream colored sweat drips and having so much more to do than usual. Something about the summer always feels busy regardless if the activity is get ready for a city day or get ready for your annual doctor's appointments that you always put off till summer. My summer face is simple but I love it so here's how it goes. 


I am a sunscreen fiend in summer especially so a base that blends over sunscreen is a must. On days when I know I'll be hot enough to sweat I'll toss on a primer (I'm back on The Ordinary Fluid Primer). But most days I hop straight on into foundation and concealer. 

Because the tones are wildly different but I love each deeply I mix together *Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint Light and the *Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer. The Kevyn Aucoin concealer helps to beef up the coverage of the Perfecting Skin Tint (let's call it the PST, shall we?) without looking caky and un-summery. I mix a teensy drop on the back of my hand with a good slosh of the PST to make a creamy base.

I pat the mix on into my skin and use the SSI to conceal any spots and my under eye area until my skin looks as perfect as possible. Last step is a dusting of *Japonesque Velvet Touch Powder to tone the dewiness down a notch.


Hahahahah No. The hotter it is the more eye grease I get. Sorry. I know. But still. It's a thing. The max I'll do is a couple swipes of mascara, right now I'm using the *Physicians Formula Eye Kit Booster Mascara without the little fibers because I'm not a masochist. 


Bury me in bronzer. I've become totally obsessed with bronzing it up with a big ol' fluffy brush all over where I'd naturally tan if I tanned. My forehead, cheekbones, nose, and chin all get a healthy boost with the *Makeup Geek Contour in Complicated. It's a cool-ish dark-ish brown which looks like the color I'd tan if I tanned. 


To make up for the fact that I am basically wearing no makeup at all I like to go all out on my lips with a bright lip stain. I have a bunch (A BUNCH) of favorites so I plopped them all into a nifty widget for you below. Right now I'm having a moment with the *Lancome Matte Shakers with Magic Orange being my absolute favorite. 

A bright pop on the lips totally makes up for the fact that the rest of the makeup is so blah, right? Plus with a lip stain, or a lipstick worked into a stain, you can to all your fun summer activities like eating snow cones or ice cream or hot dogs!

Do you like how I've creatively used light to make it look like I may have a tan? I'm still pale as a ghost but I felt like something at least pretend summery needed to happen. Shoppable links below!

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