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My Three Clutch Bag Collection

My Three Clutch Bag Collection

Basically the only three clutches you need. 


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Back in September I started using what is actually an old pencil bag as a clutch and I'm all about it. It was a quick utility needs-met sort of situation to get my wallet etc. into my backpack without getting lost and now I'm SOLD on clutch bags. They're cute AND useful and make me feel put together. 

Since then I've gathered a tiny collection of clutch bags that I'm a little obsessed with. You can wear 'em with anything and if you're a creative type you could decorate them to avoid the aggressively minimalist look that I love. 

I've got one of those minds that just loves to collect a million of the same thing. Like lipsticks! I chronicle all my lipsticks on Lipstick A Day.  But here I am, happy with my three clutch collection. I've decided that there are really only three different clutch bags you need, the party clutch, the everyday clutch, and the holiday clutch. 


The Party Clutch

I've been carting around this silvery glitter bag pretending it's a lot nicer than it is but, ya' know. Saving up, and that. But it works until I can afford a dreamy party clutch like one of those Gucci floral embroidered clutches or one of those OTT Prada Moon and Stars bags. Which, I know is an actual bag-bag, but one of the tiny ones could totally pass as a clutch. 

This is the one that's actually a pencil bag but it's fun and glittery so I don't really care if it was only a couple of bucks from Target. It's no longer in stock but there is this really similar BP clutch that is actually intended to be used as such (and it's only $15 on sale so not breaking the bank). 

I cart this baby around pretty much any time but, it's also great for parties because every party needs a bit of glitter, right? I've pulled a bunch of my favorite party clutches under $100 that I'm currently drooling over to replace this ol' guy. A glittery Rebecca Minkoff Leo Clutch is top of my list. 


The Everyday Clutch

This babe, am I right?

I'm SUCH a sucker for Madewell bags. I just love how beautifully simple they are. When I started looking for an everyday clutch I wanted it to be leather and a brown shade that isn't the same cognac shade of brown of literally all my shoes and purses. Sometimes a little variety is a good thing. 

The perfect thing? Unsurprisingly the Madewell leather pouch, this one is in Cider, though I was super torn between it and the burgundy shade. But, the goal was a bag I could use all year long and I figured the burgundy would look more off in summer than the cider would in winter. Riveting stuff here.

I have one of those skin tones that can not wear yellow shades. And I'm having a serious mustard yellow moment. But, mustard yellow makes my skin look this lovely shade of about to die so I got close with this every day clutch in an almost-mustard-yellowy-brown. 

I also want to point out really quickly that this (and all the other shades) Madewell pouch has a nice lining, card holders, and even a built in coin purse so it's a bit more organized than other bags that are a black hole with no structure. 

I picked out a bunch of other everyday clutches in a few more neutral shades you could conceivably wear all year long. They're under $100-ish and not all of them are leather. If I were to get another everyday clutch I'd be first in line to get the Everlane Fold Over Pouch in Natural (though the green and red are also screaming to me). 

holiday-clutch-purse-mercuteify copy.jpg

The Holiday Clutch

If there is ever a time to get extra with your bag, it's the holidays, right? This plaid beauty was given to me last Christmas by my soon-to-be mother-in-law because she just gets me and knew I would like clutch bags before I even did myself. I didn't get a ton of use out of it last holiday season (due to Christmas kind of being the end of it) but I'm planning on keeping this in heavy rotation this year starting December 1st. Expect to see lots of it on Instagram

This bag is a Dooney & Bourke Carrington Pouch in a limited edition wool plaid. The closest version they have right now is the Tiverton plaid which is, TBH, not all that similar. But. Can we have a moment real quick on this amazing bright mustard yellow version? It's insanely bright and I love it. They also have the same style in more chill shades (that would be the perfect everyday clutch too).

For a holiday clutch I want to go all out. Especially because living in New Orleans means that it's still too warm for bobble hats and scarves and thick Christmas sweaters. So I get all my holiday spirit into items I can actually wear more than once. 

I pulled a bunch of not quite so in your face holiday clutch bags in the widget below. They're all close to or under a hundred bucks. My favorite? The J Crew Plaid Pouch (in ivory over the forest shade) or the Brooks Brothers Tartan Wristlet. I gotta have that plaid. 

Are you into clutch bags? What's your everyday handbag of choice? Let's get chatty in the comments. 

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