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Negative Space Manicures and Saving My Skin With Acids

Negative Space Manicures and Saving My Skin With Acids

It's a very varied February favorites post.

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I woke up this morning out of my Fat Tuesday induced sugar coma having honestly no idea it was already March. March! Jeebus. I've decided that this will actually be the month that I decide to get on with my new years resolutions which is you know, now a full two months late. Oh well, better late than never! 

With February both being a short month and the full Mardi Gras season this year it tore by in a flash. But, I do have a few solid favorites to share with the class. 

1. *MatchCo Foundation

Okay, so I'll be writing an actual article about this one so I'm not going to go through the whole depths quite yet. I received this MatchCo foundation (actually got a code for it but whatever) well over a month ago. I really only started using this on the daily this month and I'm loving it! It's got a nice dewy finish, medium coverage and the color is perfect (but no shocker there). The app to get this thing to work is a little finicky at best (like wanting to throw your phone at the wall finicky) but for a perfectly matched foundation, I'm okay with it.  

2. The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10%

So I just wrote about all of my picks from The Ordinary. I didn't let it slip that my above and beyond favorite is the lactic acid serum.

This stuff is a BEAST for your face. I don't use it every day because that is just a bit too exfoliating for my visage. I do use it probably three times a week, especially on days that my skin is looking worse for wear. Or if I've eaten a ton of sugar (like, ahem, yesterday) which always gives my skin a little scare.

I always wake up the next morning after using this with the clearest skin. It is a breakout banisher for me and I'm hoping that with continued use, it will help tone down some of the hyperpigmentation and old acne scars that I have. So far so good with this little dream of an acid. Who would have thought I was only $6.79 away from nearly perfect skin? Because it certainly was not me.

3. *Lipstick Queen Queen Bee Lip Treatment

I've been a glutton for punishment lately by writing (and photographing) and just plain wearing a lot of heavy duty lipsticks. And normally that would never ever be a bad thing. But, when you're putting on and taking off six lipsticks in an hour to photograph them, your lips will be a little worse for wear. 

I've found my trusty side kick in the *Lipstick Queen Queen Bee Lip Treatment, say that five times fast. I've chatted about this lip treatment before, so I won't totally bore you. I love it because besides being a bullet form and easy to apply, the scent always woos me and my lips feel so much better. And the shine doesn't hurt either for making sad dried out lips look all nice and plump.

4. Rosie for Autograph Cream Eyeshadow Stick in Movie Star Crush

The one and only babe, Jaye, came to New Orleans in December of last year for a little work thang. We had the chance to meet up and do some very blogger-y window shopping and she even came bearing gifts of chocolate and this little eyeshadow wonder. I'll admit that I didn't use it straight off the bat but this month I've been loving this Autograph Cream Eyeshadow Stick for a little wash of color. It seriously glides right over the eyes and you can blend it easily with a finger. I've been wearing it both as a smoky liner look and a quicky smoky eye with great success.

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5. Negative Space Manicures

I'm 100% in on negative space manicures now. Like, for well over one full month I've worn nothing but negative space manicures. 

I'll admit to only being a fan of the kind that allow for the cuticle edge of the manicure to be bare. It really (for real) helps when you're wearing a gel manicure and hate the look of grown out nails. 

But they're also so cute! And a manicure that even shaky handed plebs like me can do! All you need is some sort of sticker or tape contraption to make sure you get a clean line. That's literally it!

My two favorites were the navy clean line manicure I wore for the Mardi Gras parade season, and the lavender holo hearts I wore for Valentine's day. 

Did you have any stand out favorites in February?

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